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Visualization Expert with Plotly Dash & Metabase Expertise

I am a visualization expert with a background in strategy and business intelligence. Over the past 5 years, I have created complex and insightful dashboards with engaging visualizations, primarily using tools like Plotly Dash and Metabase. With a strong foundation in both the creation and implementation of data processing systems, I specialize in delivering cutting-edge data analytics solutions. My experience spans various sectors, providing me with the versatility and expertise to tackle challenges across different business domains. Key Skills and Technical Proficiency: 📊Data Analytics and Visualization: Proficient in transforming complex datasets into clear and actionable insights. Expertise in Plotly Dash and Metabase enables me to build intuitive and dynamic dashboards that facilitate data-driven decision-making. 🔄Data Processing: Experienced in managing and structuring vast datasets effectively, ensuring they are analysis-ready. ☁️Cloud and Infrastructure: Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner with a comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies and infrastructure management, leveraging AWS services to enhance system performance and reliability. 💻Programming and Databases: Strong command of Python and data manipulation libraries such as Pandas. Experienced in handling databases using MySQL and PostgreSQL, ensuring robust data storage and retrieval mechanisms. Additionally, I have been actively involved in integrating Generative AI tools within business environments. One of my recent projects includes the development of a unique product that employs a combination of Ollama, Mistral, and RAG for interacting with private documents on local devices.
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