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Growth Marketer | Automation Expert (B2B SaaS/Tech Brands)

✓ 12 years experience. ✓ 250+ satisfied clients. ✓ 100% client satisfaction ✓ 5.00 average feedback "Good content talks to your customers; great content talks with your customers." Who am I? I'm a Growth hacker-slash-Marketer-slash-Developer-slash-Designer-slash-digital-superhero, all wrapped into a single human. Sounds like I came straight out of Marvel comics? Probably. But am I being real, here? Definitely. Check out my portfolio/contracts section to know more. Who am I not? I'm NOT a digital marketer that can give you an instant boost in your traffic with shoddy black-hat techniques. I'm NOT a growth hacker that would burn your money on ads, only to give you more impressions and clicks that just don't convert into long-term customers. I'm passionate about technology, marketing, and psychology, and I'm here to help startups/businesses create effective, impactful and high-ROI content marketing strategies. Why me? Over the last 8 years, I have worked as a Growth hacker, Digital Marketer, Content Writer, Copywriter, Blogger, Technical Writer, Social Media Strategist, Journalist, HTML/CSS Designer, and Python/Java Developer for numerous startups and businesses. The wide-array of cross-functional experience allows me to create content strategies that not only drive growth but also understand business requirements and weave a consistent brand experience. How can I help? - Landing page design/copy with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) - Ad funnel setup (Google/Facebook) - A/B or multivariate testing - Keyword research & targeting - Marketing Automation - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques - on-page and off-page - Presentations/Pitch Decks - Blogs/articles - Drip emails/marketing campaigns - UX copywriting - UI mockups/screens - E-books - How-to Technical guides (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, electronics, etc.) What do I know? - Writing: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides. - Tools: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Hubspot, Zapier - Design: Adobe Photoshop/InDesign - Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, JS, PHP (ugh!) - Scripting: HTML, CSS, XAML/XML - Technology: CMS (WordPress, Magento), IoT frameworks (run a startup in automation), Blockchain/Cryptocurrency (Expert), Artificial Intelligence (Basics) - Methodologies: SEO, SMM, Keyword research, Growth-hacking, CRO optimization, A/B testing, Agile & Scrum-based processes, etc.
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  • Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Zapier
  • HubSpot
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Growth Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Airtable
  • AI Chatbot
  • CRM Automation


Endorsements from past clients

"Abhi's involvement in our project was transformative. With an innate understanding of sales strategy, process optimization, and technological integration, Abhi was able to conceptualize and implement an outbound sales process that exceeded our expectations. From the outset, Abhi exhibited an exceptional grasp of our business objectives and challenges. Through a meticulous analysis of our existing sales workflow, Abhi identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies, crafting a comprehensive plan to address these issues. Their adept communication skills ensured that our entire team remained engaged and aligned throughout the process. What truly sets Abhi apart is their hands-on approach to execution. Collaborating closely with our internal teams, Abhi customized CRM systems, devised targeted out"

David D. | VP Sales
B2B Sales Outreach Aug 2023


"Abhi was instrumental in transforming Zopto’s Intercom workflow system. His expert understanding and innovative approach towards no-code tools like make.com and Zapier helped us streamline our processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The workflows he created were robust, intuitive, and easy to use for our team. Abhi also spearheaded our chatbot development project. His creative use of custom AI bots truly revolutionized our customer interactions. What sets Abhi apart is his ability to communicate complex ideas. He also has a remarkable knack for incorporating feedback and fine-tuning his work, proving his dedication to delivering the best possible solution. If you’re seeking a no-code wizard that can automate your workflows in the best possible way, Abhi is your guy."

Richard L. | Vice President of Operations
Intercom Workflow Automation & Chatbot Development Aug 2023


"My team and I hired Abhi to help us with various projects. Projects vary between software, automation, data pulling, etc. Were we requesting Abhi's help to set it up. His work is amazing, and his time of response and doing the project has always been quick and efficient. The communication at all times also has been great, and he always expresses his needs to make sure he has all the resources to work on a project. Highly recommend!"

Sergio M. | Manager of Strategic Projects and Initiatives at B
Automating Event Management using Airtable Apr 2023


" 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I recently enjoyed working with Abhi Company's Employee Advocacy program. From the outset, it was evident that Abhi was a consummate professional and a highly efficient and innovative problem solver. In this review, I will explain my experience working with Abhi and the exceptional solutions he contributed to our project. From the beginning, Abhi demonstrated a solid commitment to understanding the unique needs and challenges of our company's Employee Advocacy program. He conducted thorough research and analysis to familiarize himself with the program's objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes. This comprehensive approach enabled Abhi to identify areas where automation could be implemented to optimize our program's efficiency and overall impact. "

Daniel P. | Content Marketing Manager
LinkedIn Automation Project: Employee Advocacy Apr 2023


"Abhi is highly skilled in data analytics. He has a deep understanding of statistics and data analysis. He understood the business context and identified key questions that needed to be answered through data analysis. Communicate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders to ensure aligned recommendations for the business. His skills and insights have helped us make more informed and data-driven decisions."

Dayana M. | Technical Project Manager
Mixpanel Strategy + Implementation Apr 2023


"Abhi is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and easy-to-communicate-with professionals that I have worked with. Abhi has done an excellent job setting up automations for Squareshot using make.com and Zapier. Abhi's attention to detail and proactive approach makes him stand out. If you've made a mistake in the task, Abhi will question everything and help you identify any discrepancies or inconsistencies. Abhi's communication skills are standout. He always sends reports and notifies about any changes, keeping everyone in the loop. We feel extremely fortunate to have found him as our automation specialist. Overall, I highly recommend Abhi to anyone looking for a skilled automation specialist who can deliver high-quality results and excellent communication."

Alex D. | CEO
Client portal automation using Airtable, make & zapier Apr 2023


"Abhi has gone above and beyond to bring our complex project to life. He was incredibly patient throughout the entire process which had many changes and complications. I never would have thought the automation he set up would be possible, but I am blown away by what he was able to set up. Hiring him has saved us a ton of staff time and energy. I would absolutely hire him again for a future project!"

Ryan L. | Senior Manager
No Code Automation (Airtable/Zoom) Dec 2022


"Abhi delivers effective solutions and improvements with dedication and in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to brainstorm and work with him. His expertise opened up new fields of growth in our operations. We now consider Abhi as a member of our team and highly recommend him. "

Raphael D. | Partner
Workflow Automation using Integromat/AirTable Apr 2022


"Abhi has helped me create my LinkedIn automation project using airtable and phantombuster. He has done a great job, good communication, quick work. Would highly recommend him!"

Cas v. | Founder
Low-Code MVP Development using Integromat/AirTable/PhantomBuster/Stacker Apr 2022


"We were looking for a competent and reliable developer to roll out a mammoth of a project which required overhauling a new pipeline and mini-automations with their relevant fail safes. The he followed all the instructions to the dot, and in some instances helped in a few solutions where we had to compromise on the original logic. Highly recommended. You ultimately get what you pay for! "

Jibraan T. | Director
AirTable + Integromat automation Feb 2022


"I worked with Abhi last year to build automation systems for my startup. Together, we mapped out each process and went through possible solutions. After iterating and testing, we were able to create a process that drastically reduced manual work by me and my teammates. Abhi is not just able to think in terms of systems but is able to switch perspectives and understand a user journey. I recommend working with Abhi to anyone who is looking for quality and diligent work. Looking forward to continuing to work with Abhi this year and beyond."

Marc A. | Founder
No-Code Workflow Automation using Integromat, AirTable and Trello Jan 2022


"We hired him for a couple of application development projects of ours. Did a great job in all aspects from understanding requirements to delivering the project. Sometimes also went out of the way to get things done. Highly recommend him and his team !"

Bhaskar D. | Functional Lead
Design & Development Jul 2021


"Abhi is an exceptional operator in his field! We have worked on a number of tech platform co-creation/ web development missions in the past 3+ years and his biggest strength has been to be able to think beyond the given brief - into the why's and why not's, helping me craft the actual output expectation way better than I had imagined. Along with the flexibility to adapt on the way. That's what one needs in a remote work partner and the ever evolving agile digital environment, isn't it? Abhi's professionalism in how he communicates, brings latest knowledge to the table, stays calm yet firm when needed, move things along - all has helped me to build the confidence to work with him again. Very happy to recommend Abhi. "

Nishtha M. | Corporate Innovation Coach
Website Development/Marketing Jun 2021