Suphasuta C.

Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for a personal assistant to help organize your daily or business tasks? Look no further—I bring a variety of experiences to the table: 1. Editing and Proofreading: I am a freelance novelist with over 6 years of experience and manage my own YouTube channel, "ThedaTRaveling." 2. Travel Arrangements: Having traveled to 30+ countries alone, I can assist in planning and booking your trips.' 3. Email Management: Emailing is a fundamental skill, and I excel in it. 4. Scheduling Appointments: I've completed a hands-on project using the Picktime website and earned a certification from Coursera. 5. Social Media Handling: I've grown a Facebook fan page, "English With Tea," to 22k followers, demonstrating my expertise in managing Facebook and Instagram accounts. 6. Organizing Files and Documents: Organizing files and documents is a task I find straightforward and easy. 7. Customer Support: I am eager to learn about your work details to provide effective customer support, including answering queries and processing orders. 8. Transcription: With proficiency in English and Thai, transcribing documents is well within my capabilities. 9. Reports, Presentations, Editing, Proofreading: I am equipped to prepare reports and presentations, as well as edit and proofread documents. 10. Bookkeeping, Billing, Accounting: I am adept at handling bookkeeping and accounting activities. I emphasize regular and transparent communication to ensure a seamless and productive collaboration for our mutual success. Let's connect for a successful partnership.


  • Content Editing
  • Tech & IT
  • Calendar Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Booking Services
  • Team Management

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