Rohit B.
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Amazon Brand Registry | A+ Content | Variation | Storefront | FBA

I am Rohit. I have worked at Amazon as Account Manager and Brand Registry Specialist for 6 years. Leveraging my extensive experience as an Amazon Account Manager, I offer expert services in listing creation, optimization, updating brand name, account management, brand registry etc. helping businesses thrive on the Amazon marketplace. I possess a deep understanding of Amazon's policies and procedures, allowing me to navigate the platform efficiently and ensure your listings comply with all guidelines. My expertise includes: ✅ Amazon listing creation and optimization ✅ Variation creation/troubleshooting ✅ Brand Registry ✅ A+ content/Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) ✅ Brand store/Storefront creation ✅ Amazon Advertising/PPC Management. ✅Brand name update ✅Title update ✅Keywords Research & Ranking. ✅PPC Campaigns Optimization. ✅Listing Audit & PPC Campaigns Audit & Proposal. ✅Product Launch budget estimation through PPC. ✅Amazon Listing SEO Optimization. ✅Product Launch/Re-Launch & Ranking. ✅Amazon seller account management. ✅Amazon Virtual Assistant. ✅Amazon Wholesale FBA Management. ✅Amazon Wholesale FBA seller account management. My key strengths include: ✔️ Masterful Listing Creation: Crafting compelling and informative product descriptions that captivate buyers and boost conversions. ✔️ Targeted Optimization: Strategically utilizing relevant keywords and search terms to drive organic ranking and visibility. ✔️ Expert Category Management: Accurately placing your products into the correct categories for maximum exposure within the right audience. ✔️ Parent-Child Variation Management: Seamlessly creating and managing variations to showcase product options effectively. ✔️ Proven Track Record: Demonstrated success in driving sales growth and profitability for Amazon accounts. ✔️ Brand name update : Updating the brand name of existing 'Generic' listing to your registered brand name. With a proven track record in Amazon Seller Account management, I am your go-to expert for all things Amazon. Questions ? I will be glad to jump on a quick call. Let's connect!

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