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Human-centered presentation is what I deeply care about. Understanding how human attention works, being honest and respectful to your audience, engaging them in a conversation and finding the right balance between ethos, pathos and logos is what presentations are all about. Over the last couple of years, I was lucky to be working with many great people and companies, helping them with presentations. Most well-known clients are IBM, Wilson Sporting Goods, Citibank, Universal Music Group. I also helped many startups and entrepreneurs with their pitch decks - some were used for pitching top VCs in the world. Other areas were my presentations were used: government institutions, training and consulting, live presentations for events and conferences. I help with: 1. Presentation design (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote). Clean, focused and visual presentation is vital for making your audience engaged. Now is the time that people are overwhelmed with information and they simply tune out if design is bad: meaning there’s no clear design hierarchy, no focal points, bad visuals or no negative space. 2. Storytelling People love great stories. We engage with information way better through stories. But many times, when it comes to presentation, instead of presenting our stories we present blocks of information. Many times, it’s hard to follow the thread of the story. For me it’s important that we remember that presentation is told to humans, not machines with eyes and ears. Hence, there’s a clear flow that audience can follow, the story is authentic and honest, there’s an original voice of presenter and it’s engaging. I believe that we must present like it’s 2022, not 2000. Go beyond templates and “5 steps” tips. Remember, you present to specific people, not abstract personas. Keep it original.

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