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An expert A.I. Artist, Animator and Illustrator with over 18 years' experience working in the A.I. apps, games, film, TV, comics, books (including children's) and commercial industries. A.I. art and animation services include dataset creation, character design, concept art, background art and asset creation, as well as avatars, general animation and illustration. Illustration services range from concept art, storyboards, character design, background art, book covers and illustrations (including children's books), full size graphic novels/comics/manga/manhwa to technical illustrations and packaging designs, as well as app icons and pixel art. We also offer traditional oil, acrylic and watercolour painting on canvas, with competitive global shipping rates available. Animations services include both 2D and 3D, be it traditional frame by frame, 2D and 3D games, 2D and 3D films and TV, explainers, pixel animation and much more. Any aspect of the 3D pipeline, including modelling, rigging, texturing, lighting, layout, animation and rendering, we handle on an expert level. We're also fully up to date with the crypto space, and can offer a wide range of NFT collection services, utilising all forms of media, illustrated, animated, 2D or 3D. Through extensive experience in all aspects of the production pipeline, from concept art and storyboards through to modelling and 3D and 2D animation, I'm able to take or give as much or little creative direction as required, helping production run smoothly. Can work independently or as part of a team very comfortably. Adhere to strict deadlines. Recent and long running contracts include A.I. Artist at Chaptr, 3D Maya Animator and 2D Unity Animator for two PS4 games at Play Em Games, Minecraft Graphic Novel 3D Illustrator for Hollan Publishing, 3D Animator for The Jarmies TV series on Sky's JimJams, broadcast in over 50 different languages around the world, and numerous children's book illustrations and Flash explainer animations and games. Industry Experience: Film, games, TV, books, comics, commercials, architectural, government, web. Industry Experience: Construction, Building, Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Federal, State, Local Governments, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other Software expertise in Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, RunwayML, DALL-E3, ChatGPT4, Miro, VS Studio, Google Colab, Microsoft Designer, GitHub, Maya, Unity, Photoshop, Moho Pro, Adobe Animate, After Effects, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, FreeCAD, Aseprite, Pyxel Edit, Mine-imator and Blender.


  • Midjourney AI
  • DALL-E
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Pixel Art
  • Adobe Animate
  • Runway Gen-2


Endorsements from past clients

"Sam illustrated six graphic novels that I wrote for SkyHorse publishing. He was a pleasure to work with-- professional and prompt, but also incredibly creative, resourceful, and fun! He always went above and beyond to fill in the blanks and create innovative solutions to some very complicated instructions. Sam was also very quick with edits, changes and corrections, and was flexible when we asked for any modifications. His playful humor really came through, which was perfect for the young audience. The books began rolling out in 2019 and are already wildly popular here in the U.S.!"

Cara S. | Author, Copywriter
Minecraft Graphic Novels Mar 2020