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Greetings! I am a seasoned eCommerce specialist with a focus on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Facebook, and Walmart. With over 4 years of hands-on experience, I offer a comprehensive skill set tailored to elevate your online business: ✦ eBay Listing Optimization: Leveraging advanced tools like ZIK Analytics, DSM, Shipdropper, and Profit-Scraper for maximum visibility and sales. eBay SEO ✦ Sale Booster ✦ Dropshipping ✦ eBay Business ✦ Keywords search ✦ Title optimization ✦ Sale increasing ✦ Orders/Tracking ✦ eCommerce websites ✦ Product Research Hot Sale Item ✦ Market Research ✦ Profitable products searching ✦ Listing(eBay, Amazon, Shopify) I also have good experience with other eCommerce websites like: ✦ Amazon ✦ Bonanza ✦ Shopify ✦ Woocomerce Sears etc. ⭐ 💫 List of My expertise in eBay 💫 ⭐ (eBay US,eBay UK,eBay AU) ✨ Expert in eBay inventory ✨ Expert in eBay Yaballe ✨ Expert in eBay AutoDS ✨ Expert in eBay DropShip Beast ✨ eBay Listing With Multiple Variations. ✨ Create Listing on Hydra-Lister ✨ Create Listing on Web Seller Guru ✨ Create Listing on Monitor/DSM/Auto Lister ✨ Create Listing on infinii ✨ Create Listing on Black-lister ✨ Create Listing on dshopit ✨ Create Listing on Auctiva ✨ Create Listing on Ink-Frog ✨ eBay data entry. ✨ eBay store SEO ✨ eBay Store Management ✨ eBay Listings Optimziation My various skills and work experience related to Shopify:- ✦ Shopify | Shopify 2.0 | Shopify App | Shopify Plus | Liquid Code. ✦ Shopify Store Creation from Scratch. ✦ Shopify Store Setup ✦ Shopify Theme Customization ✦ Shopify Product Management, Order Processing ✦ Shopify App integration and Creation from Scratch using Laravel, CodeIgniter Framework, and Integrated Shopify Store. ✦ SEO Optimization, Responsive Design, Performance Optimization, Troubleshooting, and Support ✦ Shopify Integration of custom payment gateway in the Shopify store. ✦ Shopify Custom checkout integration in Shopify ✦ Shopify API Integration and Development. ✦ Speak English with fluency, to ensure quality communication. Below are the top Shopify Themes I've worked with:- ✨ Shopify Flex ✨ Shopify Dawn theme ✨ Shopify Debut theme builder ✨ Shopify Parallax Scrolling Shopify website ✨ Shopify Brooklyn Theme ✨ Shopify Impulse Theme in Shopify ✨ Shopify Expert Supply theme ✨ Shopify Prestige is a premium theme used in Shopify ✨ Shopify Broadcast a Beautiful Theme ✨ Shopify Minimal ✨ Shopify Atlantic Theme ✨ Shopify Blockshop Theme ✨ Shopify Expert Venture theme Shopify developer ✨ Shopify Symmetry Theme ✨ Shopify Warehouse Elegant Theme ✨ Shopify Flex Theme ✨ Shopify Turbo Shopify Theme ✨ Shopify Motion theme ✨Shopify Icon theme ✨ Shopify Lammer beautiful and cosmetic Shopify theme Titles optimization, Keyword research sales increase, Data Entry Web Research, and Photo Editing. I have great experience in Product listing on eCommerce Websites like, ✦ Amazon Reimbursement Case Handling: Expertise in handling reimbursement cases to ensure you receive all owed funds. ✦ Amazon Deals and Bundle Listings: Creating compelling deals and bundled listings to attract more customers. ✦ Amazon Account Health Management: Proactively managing your account to maintain good standing and resolve any issues promptly. ✦ Amazon Prime Integration: Implementing Amazon Prime for eligible products to boost sales. ✦ Amazon Backend Keywords Research: In-depth research to identify the most effective backend keywords for improved search ranking. ✦ Amazon Flat Files Management: Proficient in handling and optimizing flat files for bulk product uploads and updates. ✦ Amazon FBA Complete Management: Overseeing all aspects of your FBA business, from inventory management to order processing and customer service. ✦ Amazon Sales Boost Strategies: Implementing proven strategies to boost your Amazon sales and increase profitability. ✦ Amazon Browse Node Errors Fixing: Identifying and fixing browse node errors to ensure your products are correctly categorized. ✦ Amazon Case Handling: Expertly managing various types of cases on Amazon to ensure swift resolution. ✦ Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: Creating compelling enhanced brand content to improve product visibility and conversion rates. ✦ Amazon Listings Merge: Merging duplicate listings to streamline your product catalog and improve customer experience. ✦ Initial Product Keyword Researcher: Conducting thorough keyword research to identify high-demand, low-competition keywords for your products. ✦ Amazon Listings Single/Variation: Creating and managing both single and variation listings on Amazon for maximum exposure. ✦ Amazon Inventory Management: Efficiently managing your inventory to ensure optimal stock levels and prevent stockouts. ✦ Amazon PPC & Promotions: Managing PPC campaigns and promotions on Amazon to drive traffic and increase sales. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your eCommerce goals and look forward. Let's work together to take your online business to new heights!

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