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Empowering Growth: Business Plans, Financial Models, and Decks

Hello. Are you launching a startup? Looking to propel your company? With 25+ years in investment banking, venture capital, and startup finance, I've worked with hundreds of startups and early-stage companies. My toolkit? Developing powerful and effective financial models, pitch decks, and business plans. But it's not just about creating the right tools. It's about deploying them with precision. That’s where I can assist you even more. I will help you understand investors and the fundraising process, ensuring your venture is not just another pitch but one investors stand up and take notice. Spotting what investors crave and catching potential deal-breakers is my forte. Think of me as your fundraising strategist – understanding the investor psyche, anticipating their questions, and setting you apart. My journey spans co-founding a venture capital firm, leading an investment banking firm, and igniting the growth of early-stage tech powerhouses. I have lived the entrepreneur life, been the bridge between startups and capital giants, and navigated the intricate waters of private equity. What excites me? The spark of potential. The thrill of turning a vision into a funded reality and working side-by-side with founders like you, creating strategies that resonate and results that exceed expectations. Let's have a chat! Dive into your aspirations, challenges, and goals. Together, we can make your startup journey unforgettable. Ready to elevate your company? Drop me a message. Let's talk. Cheers, Kim


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