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Alrighty. I know what you're thinking. You’re thinking… What kind of self-proclaimed copywriting expert starts his Upwork profile with the word 'alrighty'? That's not even a real word. Well, you're right. Technically, it’s not a real word. I looked it up in the Oxford dictionary just to be sure (and the Merriam-Webster one to satisfy you Americans). 'Alright' is a word. But when you attach a ‘y’ to the end, it doesn't make the cut. But here's the thing. If you are worried about the fact it isn't a real word, then you don't get copywriting. Because copy should be written the same way people speak. And people say 'alrighty'. Or at least, I do. And if you're wondering why on earth I started my profile with that word, well... It's because I wanted to get you reading. That's what good copy should do. Get you reading. Of course, good copy should display benefits, too. But the benefit of you reading up until this point is pretty clear. You know I can write well. And you know I'm not some cookie-cutter copywriter who writes 'words that sell'. Yawn. But, just to tick off a few more boxes, here are some other benefits you’ll get when working with me: • Your copy will convince your target market to buy your product or service • Your copy will position you as the ONLY choice in your industry • Your copy will be easy to read (sorry Shakespeare) • Your copy will be delivered on time, every time Alrighty (it should be a word, dammit), now that we’ve got that out of the way… What else do you need to know? Maybe a few fun facts that prove I’m more qualified than other copywriters you’re considering, like: • I’ve written 100s of high-converting emails and sales pages for one of Australia’s largest direct response agencies (their head of digital said my recent sales page was the ‘best she’d ever read’) • I study all the top copywriters… including greats like Gary Halbert, Ben Settle and John Carlton, as well as newcomers like Daniel Throssell and Robert Allen (seriously, I read marketing emails in my spare time) • I have a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing (which means I can write copy that stands out from the crowd) and another in Commerce (so I can offer ‘big picture’ advice on your marketing strategy) • I’m way nicer than my twin brother Todd, who is on Upwork trying to convince people he’s not really the ‘evil twin’ (seriously, search ‘Todd Allison’ and if you look really close at his profile picture, you’ll see his devil horns) Ok… what’s next on the list? Ah yes. Samples. If you came here looking for some… You can send me a message and ask. I’d rather not leave them here for the internet to steal. But, to be honest, the best sample you can read is actually the one you're reading right now. Because it's not some piece of work where I had to follow a restrictive copy brief, adhere to brand guidelines (*shudders), or have my work changed by an egomaniac entrepreneur who 'read a David Ogilvy book once.' It's just me being me. Writing creative copy that engages, entertains, and sells. If you want me to do the same for your business, then feel free to: • Accept my proposal • Send me a message • Make me an offer I promise I’m really nice in person. -Lee ‘not the evil twin’ Allison P.S. Wait! I forgot to include testimonials! I suppose you can read some from my Upwork clients below. Alternatively, here’s one from my Mum… “He’s a good boy but I wish he’d call more often.” Just kidding. I call Mum every week.