Saleh A.

Data Engineer

My career is marked by a strong foundation in data science principles, coupled with a deep understanding of ETL methodologies, which enables me to efficiently transform complex data sets into actionable insights. I have a robust grasp of advanced data science techniques, including machine learning, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling. I excel in designing and implementing ETL pipelines, adept at extracting data from diverse sources, transforming it to meet business needs, and loading it into accessible formats. My background in SQL and NoSQL databases underpins my ability to manage and optimize data storage Qualifications: ✓ Python data analytics libraries (scikit-learn, pandas, numpy) ✓ Experience using Postman connecting to API’s ✓ Understanding of Software Development lifecycle. ✓ Natural Language Processing tools and packages (gensim, spacy, nltk) ✓ Full Stack Web Development ✓ Technologies: React, Javascript, Django, Python, AWS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, SQL, MongoDB, postgres, HTML, CSS, GitHub, AWS, Wordpress, Shopify and Git ✓ B.S. in Statistical Data Science (University of California, Davis) Previous projects: ➣ Slack Full Stack Clone Project using SQL ➣ MERN full stack project using unstructured database ➣ Trivia Game using Javascript ➣ text information extraction ➣ sentence classification ➣ building data-pipeline ➣ exploratory data analysis for structured and unstructured data ➣ Twitter sentiment extraction ➣ web scraping article sources for future data
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  • SQL
  • Data Engineering
  • ETL Pipeline
  • Database
  • Data Lake
  • Web Scraping