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I am an Electrical Engineer with over 7 years of hands-on experience, specialising in the design and implementation of innovative IoT systems and robotics. Having successfully completed 1400+ projects on Fiverr, I've earned a stellar reputation with over 1000 5-star reviews from satisfied clients worldwide. My Expanded Expertise: ✅ Sensor Integration: Proven experience integrating various sensors such as temperature, humidity, motion, and proximity sensors into embedded systems. ✅ Communication Protocols: Expertise in communication protocols like I2C, SPI, UART, and CAN bus for seamless interaction between microcontrollers and peripherals. ✅ Power Electronics: Proficient in designing power supply circuits, voltage regulators, and battery management systems for efficient and reliable power distribution. ✅ Machine Learning Integration: Experience incorporating machine learning algorithms into embedded systems for tasks like image recognition, voice processing, or predictive analytics. ✅ Custom PCB Design: Adept at creating custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) with a focus on compact, efficient layouts and signal integrity. ✅ Security Implementation: Knowledgeable in implementing security measures for embedded systems, including encryption, secure boot, and secure data transmission. ✅ Human-Machine Interface (HMI): Experience designing user-friendly interfaces for embedded systems, including touchscreen interfaces and remote control systems. ✅ Environmental Testing: Skillful in conducting environmental testing to ensure the reliability and performance of embedded systems under various conditions. ✅ Microcontroller Mastery: Well-versed in programming Arduino boards (ESP8266, NodeMCU, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, Teensy Boards, Attiny series, Atmel AVR chips, STM32). Project Management Skills: 🚀 Comprehensive Project Management: As a seasoned Electrical Engineer, I can act as your project manager, overseeing the entire project from start to finish. I ensure effective coordination between different project components, managing timelines, and ensuring the delivery of a thoroughly tested and finished project. 💼 Vendor and Supplier Management: Proficient in dealing with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the smooth procurement of components and materials necessary for project execution. 👥 Team Collaboration: Experienced in managing cross-functional teams, including software and hardware developers, to foster effective communication, collaboration, and successful project outcomes. 🟩 Proof of Concept Deliverables: Components selection list Schematic Code Instructions for testing Software Prototypes: Design of a simple Android app and a simple web front and backend, including database creation and management. 🟩 Mass Production Deliverables: Bill of materials Schematic PCB design Gerber file Pick and place file Firmware Thorough testing and debugging 📝 Note: During the mass production phase, the design and management of the software components will be handled by the dedicated software team. Why Choose Me? I provide comprehensive solutions from concept to mass production, ensuring your project's success. If you're ready to bring your project to life, hit the "Invite" button, and let's start a discussion about your unique requirements. I love the world of Embedded Systems and have created many projects for my clients and would love to create your project, press "Invite" and we will start discussing your project. Best regards, Gul


  • ESP32
  • EasyEDA
  • STM32
  • AVR Microcontroller
  • Hardware Design
  • Raspberry Pi


Endorsements from past clients

" Gul is a fantastic communicator, tireless problem solver, and articulate collaborator. She understands the process of iteration and revisions while working alongside development asking the right questions to arrive at the goal. I’ve worked with her in-support of multiple projects and every time she produces clear deliverables, on time, with comprehensive understanding of work."

Damian K. | Pedal Brainz
Arduino Programming Jan 2024


"Gul is fantastic. She is smart, creative, and has an excellent breadth of experience to help implement all parts of the project. She has taken the time to help with troubleshooting a very complex problem remotely - this is not an easy task but she does it with ease. She is patient and does a great job communicating. She has expertise with both hardware and software. My projects with her include a mixed environment of Raspberry Pi's, Arduino's, and ESP32's. She has helped troubleshoot the hardware and has written several pieces of code. I have worked with her several times and I am looking forward to more projects with her. I strongly recommend her to anyone needing help with small electronic projects."

Donald D. | Coach and Business Owner
Embedded System Firmware Developement Dec 2023 Jan 2024 Jan 2024


"I hired Gul to head a project in which she connected an in-person arcade machine to a web server and control it using web interface from anywhere in the world. We had such a blast working on this project. Gul was at utmost professional and is an expert in this field. We spent many Zoom sessions connecting hardware on my end and testing until satisfaction. I was so lucky to have found her and have her in charge of my project. Do yourself a favor and hire Gul!"

Jameson D. | Writer / Visual FX Artist
IOT Claw Machine Jan 2024


"I had an iot project for lighting and automation systems in commercial buildings and Gul was so helpful to bring my project to life, she was good at pcb design and python programming. I would hire her again for my next project."

Mehdi D. | Founder/CEO Armita Innovations
Embedded System Firmware Developement Dec 2023 Jan 2024


"I know Gul since 2017 and since then we made a lot of projects together. She supported my designs with her codes. She has a kind tone and understanding and a solution oriented manner. She ALWAYS submitted a clear, working, and lean code. She is punctual, never misses a deadline. And most importantly she is transparent with the projects due. I’d definitely work with her again soon. Trust her without doubt. "

Zeynep B. | Co-Founder & Designer at We Make Things Happen
Embedded System Firmware Developement Dec 2023 Jan 2024


"I enthusiastically recommend Gul J for programming projects, particularly in microcontrollers and interfacing. Her coding is exceptionally clean and efficient. Gul excels in complex problem-solving and is superb in troubleshooting. She is always prepared, punctual, and possesses excellent communication skills, ensuring smooth team collaboration. Her positive demeanor and professionalism make her a standout team member. She's a valuable asset to any project. After 5 years of working with her, I only have positive things to say about Gul. "

Giovanni W. | CEO at Zeusvision
Embedded System Firmware Developement Dec 2023 Jan 2024


"I have hired Gul for several projects over the past 2 years and I will for sure be hiring her again. She is very knowledgeable in firmware and App development and has always been available and is very responsive. The quality of her work is excellent, and she stays with a project until her customer is completely satisfied. "

Jerry D. | Owner - MotorCoach FX
Embedded System Firmware Developement Dec 2023