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Amazon PPC Expert | Ranking Specialist | PPC Campaign Management

⭐ Are you tired of WASTING your money on Amazon ads that just don't work? With more competition and higher costs per click, getting your products on the first page has become tough. This means you're spending more on ads, making fewer sales, and ending up with less profit. And let's be honest, a business WITHOUT PROFITS doesn't make sense, RIGHT? 🚀 I get what you're up against, and I've got the remedy. Imagine a custom Amazon PPC plan that fits you perfectly. It's not just about getting higher rankings; it's about spending less on ads and selling more. This plan is all about boosting your sales and, in the end, making you more money. You need a roadmap for your journey, and that's exactly what I've got ready for you. How Can I Help? Here's a clear outline of what I'll do to boost your Amazon performance: ✅ Thorough review of your entire listing, from title to EBC/A+ content. ✅ A detailed audit of your current PPC campaigns, highlighting growth opportunities and missed potential. ✅ Comprehensive PPC audit to identify areas for improvement. ✅ Extensive keyword research to uncover hidden opportunities. ✅ Smart targeting and budget-friendly strategies for your campaigns. ✅ Focusing on key keywords to establish market dominance. ✅ Crafting Seed campaigns, low-hanging fruit campaigns, and Catch-All campaigns for increased sales and profitability. ✅ In-depth analysis of search term reports to refine your approach. ✅ Trimming unnecessary ad spending to maximize your profits. ✅ Weekly campaign optimization to ensure everything stays on track and your business remains unharmed. Each step is aimed at driving your success on Amazon, and I'm here to guide you through every phase. By implementing the above action points, you'll be able to achieve: - Enhanced organic rankings - Elevated sponsored rankings - Expanded market share through revenue growth - Amplified PPC sales - Reduced TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale) - Lower ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) 👉 Imagine a scenario where one of my clients soared to success, achieving exceptional milestones: ✔ Dominated all relevant keywords, securing a coveted "Best Seller" badge. ✔ Captured an impressive 47% market share, translating to a remarkable $50,000 in monthly profits. ✔ Surpassed competitors with higher review counts and lower prices, showcasing that strategic approach trumps conventional measures. 💪 This isn't an isolated success story – it's a testament to a proven track record. I've replicated this kind of achievement for over 15 clients, and I'm ready to bring the same results to your Amazon journey. Navigating the evolving complexity of Amazon demands a partner who thrives in its ever-shifting landscape—one who navigates its complexities daily. Explore the possibilities: ◾ Are you yearning for profitable Amazon PPC sales? ◾ Do you envision conquering the competition and claiming the top ranks? ◾ Is your goal to surge revenue by boosting your sales? ◾ Do you dream of claiming a substantial stake in the market share? ◾ Or is your focus on magnifying your profits? If your resounding answer is YES, then it's time to liberate yourself from the constraints of Amazon's complexities. Reach out today, and let's embark on a journey towards profitable Amazon PPC sales, commanding rankings, heightened revenue, and an expanded market presence. Your ambitions await. ⭐ Why should you entrust me with your Amazon endeavors? ⭐ ✅ Exceptional Results: If you're seeking someone to seamlessly take the reins of your Amazon advertising, rest assured, you can divert your focus to other pivotal business tasks. I bring assurance of remarkable outcomes, freeing you from Amazon PPC concerns. ✅ Driven by Business Value: My compass is set on propelling your business to success—your triumphs are my triumphs. ✅ Exceeding Expectations: Delivering beyond the expected is the cornerstone of my freelance ethos. I thrive on leaving my clients in awe, consistently sparking that "WOW" reaction. ✅ Swift Responsiveness: Open channels of communication are my forte. I remain highly responsive, ensuring no question or concern goes unanswered. ✅ Certified Expertise: My proficiency is validated by Amazon-certified advertiser status, affirming my mastery of Sponsored ads. This spans Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ads, with an emphasis on retail readiness, strategic planning, and campaign optimization. Ready to embark on a journey of excellence? Reach out to claim your FREE PPC AUDIT today! I'll not only set up, manage, and optimize your PPC campaigns weekly but also provide daily PPC campaign updates. Weekly reports will encompass brand performance insights and actionable suggestions for refinement. Your Amazon success story awaits its final chapter—written in soaring results and elevated profits.

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Endorsements from past clients

"I've been working with Ghazanfar for the past couple of months, and he has provided excellent results. I was facing problems with my rankings, and my sales were low as compared to my competitors. Ghazanfar helped me rank in the top spots, my sales increased, and my spending on PPC reduced. He has a deep understanding of Amazon advertising. I highly recommend him as a PPC manager."

Syed R.
PPC Manager Jul 2022


"Ghazanfar is very knowledgeable and talented. Before hiring him I was barely selling one unit a day, he turned my failing business into a profitable one, and he revived my dead product into best-selling on Amazon through his PPC strategies. At that moment my listing is making me huge profits. The best thing about him is he knows the ins and outs of Amazon's business from listing audits to ranking and everything. I happily recommend his services to all who want a perfect PPC GUY."

Muhammad H.
Jun 2022


"Thanks Ghazanfar. 100% satisfied. Highly recommend."

Ali H.
Jul 2022


"I hired Ghazanfar to take over my Amazon PPC and he did an amazing job. He is very talented and detailed in his work as well as very skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to Amazon PPC. As of now just because of his work I am ranked on top on almost all relevant keywords and my sales are on an all-time high. If you hire him for a job, you just don't have to do anything. He takes my business as seriously as his business and gives me valuable advice and opinions. Will continue working with him. Highly recommended."

Muhammad H.
Apr 2022