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"AMAZING! Amazing! Couldn't recommend Theo enough. Great copywriter! Has helped increase revenue for my client's business which is amazing to see” "Theo is a wizard. Top talent. Best way to describe him: he "gets it". I wanted him to take my video sales letter (VSL) script to the next level. I was hesitant this could even be done because it was decent to start. But in the end he did exactly that and more. Finally, he had a whole bunch of one-off suggestions here and there about how to improve my marketing in general. It shows he's really invested in it and thinking deeply about your concerns.” Hello! Because you’re checking out my profile, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’re looking for a copywriter. Every time I hire someone on UpWork I feel overwhelmed. There are zillions of freelancers here and it’s hard to tell the difference between them. Is that how you feel right now? If you’re overloaded with job proposals and freelancers, this next part is for you. Because if you’re hiring a copywriter, you basically have 3 options: #1: HIRE SOMEONE CHEAP. There are tons of copywriters on UpWork who charge between $15 and $40 per hour. They’re usually pretty inexperienced. A lot of them are terrible and a few of them are really good. This can work if you know exactly what you want and you just need someone to follow directions. It’s risky, but sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough. #2: HIRE SOMEONE GOOD. If you don’t know exactly what your plan is, then you should pay good money to hire someone really good. Why? Because the best copywriters aren’t just copywriters. We can also help you with strategy, and make sure you’re not making a $10,000 mistake. #3: HIRE 4 COPYWRITERS. This is what my smartest clients do. They hire me alongside 3 other copywriters, give us all a test, and then keep working with whoever they like best. Why? First of all, you won’t really know who’s good and who’s bad until you see them in action. Second, every copywriter has a slightly different style and skillset, and different styles and skillsets work better for different audiences. If you have the budget to hire 4 copywriters and then test them all out, I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially if you’re looking for someone to work with long-term. ABOUT ME: Here’s my story. I used to be a door-to-door salesman. That’s sort of like bootcamp for human psychology. I was pounding on doors and talking to people for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. I saw the wheels spin in people’s heads… and I learned how people make buying decisions. I also learned how to say the EXACT right thing at the EXACT right moment to tip the scales in my favor and get them to pull out their credit cards. Today I use my killer door-to-door sales skills to write copy. It’s basically the same thing. Except I can do it from a café in Mexico or Thailand, instead of walking around in the hot sun! Here are some details on my career so far: -I’ve written dozens of VSL scripts, sales pages, emails, Facebook ads, and everything in between. -I’ve read tons of books about marketing (my favorite is “Influence” by Robert Cialdini). And I’ve taken courses with some of the best copywriters in the game, including John Bejakovic, Daniel Throssell, and Ning Li. -I don’t have an exact total, but I’d estimate that my copy’s made my clients at least $1,000,000 in revenue. -I have 100+ 5-star reviews on UpWork. -And I’ve even worked with a few famous clients, including Steve Raiken (of the 200K subscriber YouTube channel Raiken Profit) and Jairek Robbins (son of Tony Robbins). "Theo did a great job on our 8,000 word video sales letter script. I'd HIGHLY recommend him to anyone else here on UpWork looking to have direct response copywriting done you will not go wrong with Theo. I will certainly be back for more work myself in the future." "Theo is a beast. Top dude and hyper efficient. I could barely keep up with his pace of work to be honest. Hire him!" So here’s the deal. If you think I might be the guy for your job, and you wanna get to know me a little better, then do this: -Scroll up a little bit. You’ll see a button that says “hire”. -DON’T click the “hire” button! Instead, click the three dots next to it. Then click “send message”. -Then, in the “message” part, tell me a little bit about your business and your marketing needs. Don’t overthink this, just say whatever comes to mind. (Or, if you're reading my profile because I applied to YOUR job, just send a reply to my proposal.) After you get in touch, we can chat about your project. I’ll give you a few pointers for free, and you can use them whether you hire me or not. I can’t wait to meet you. -Theo

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