Osogba D.
Lagos IslandNigeria
85% Job Success

Crowdfunding Expert | GoFundMe | Indiegogo | Kickstarter | Fundly

🎖️YOUR CROWDFUNDING PROJECT IS SUCCESS WITH ME🎖️ 👉I am a Professional Crowdfunding Marketing Expert and Crypto Marketer. I've worked as a professional in those field for more than {​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​5}​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ three years, during which time I've learnt a lot of techniques and tactics for managing Crowdfunding Campaign Projects and Crypto projects ensuring their success, and elevating them to the level at which they ought to be. 👉If so, I am an original, Crowdfunding Expert and creative specialist in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs growth because of my certification in Digital marketing. I can make sure that the effort receives the right amount of popular adoption by utilizing my experience in project strategy, design, and implementation. 💼 I have been establishing partnerships and gaining expertise working on both large and small projects for more than (4) years to create outstanding Results, take business and organization and smaller projects to build great initiatives, take business and company digital awareness to the top, and produce content that is in line with corporate goals and yields significant results. CROWDFUNDING MARKETING ✔️Crowdfunding ✔️Crowdfunding Campaign ✔️Fundraising ✔️Kickstarter ✔️Indiegogo ✔️Crowdfunding campaign ✔️Crowdfunding project ✔️Support crowdfunding ✔️Crowdfunding Campaign Set-up ✔️ Crowdfunding Campaign Promotion ✔️Crowdfunding Businessarketing ✔️Crowdfunding Business StartUp ✔️Crowdfunding Campaign Blasting ✔️Crowdfunding Classified Ads ✔️Crowdfunding Social Media Promotion ✔️Crowdfunding Leads Generation ✔️Crowdfunding marketing ✔️Crowdfunding strategy ✔️Social Fundraising ✔️Online Fundraising ✔️Charity Crowdfunding ✔️Health Crowdfunding 👉EMAIL MARKETING SKILLS👈 ✔️Crowdfunding Landing page design ✔️Crowdfunding Email Blasting ✔️Crowdfunding Campaign Redesign ✔️Newsletter ✔️Automation ✔️Autoresponder ✔️Thank you page ✔️Sign up Form and Many MORE....... 👉SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING EXPERT👈 ✔️Crowdfunding Facebook Ads ✔️Facebook marketplace ✔️Crowdfunding promotion ✔️Crowdfunding Instagram Ads ✔️Tumblr Ads ✔️Crowdfunding Twitter Ads ✔️Crowdfunding Linkedin Marketing ✔️Crowdfunding classified Ads And many more.............. 👉BLOCKCHAIN GROWTH KNOWLEDGE 👈 ✔️Blockchain Promotion ✔️CMS Post ✔️Fast track Token listing ✔️Upvotes ✔️Telegram Shillings ✔️Token Promotion ✔️Reddit Upvote ✔️Exchange Listing ✔️Cryptocurrencies Leads ✔️COINMARKETCAP Listing ✔️COINGECKO Listing ✔️BINANCE Listing Assistance ✔️Crypto Growth Consultant ✔️TOKEN LISTING ✔️ICO marketing ✔️ICO Listing ✔️Dextools Trending ✔️Pinksales Trending ✔️Pinklsales Listing ✔️Coinmarketcap Trending ✔️Coingceko US Trends ✔️Web3 marketing ✔️Launchpad Listing ✔️Pancakeswap ✔️Uniswap Listing ✔️Coinmarketcap Prelisting 👉I CAN ALSO COMPLETE PROJECTS ON👈 ⚡Designing Simple Tokens Using Solidity ⚡Advising On Best Crypto Auditing Companies and where to Apply them ⚡Advicing On Pinksales, Dxsales ⚡Develop Simple Smart Contracts ⚡Token Listing ⚡Deploy smart contracts and tokens in Solidity ⚡Create A Video For token ICO Launch best for pink sales and other Launchpads ⚡Be your Moderator on social media Profiles ⚡Plan and manage Social media profiles ⚡Stay informed about industry best practices ⚡Provide on-time delivery of projects ⚡Collaborate with the team in all phases of the development lifecycle ⚡List projects on top tracking and Exchange Platforms ⚡Coinmarketcap and Coingecko Fast Tracklisting ⚡Nomics API integration 💯EXPERTISE: Crowdfunding Campaign Set-up, Crowdfunding Campaign Promotion,Crowdfunding Marketing,Kickstarter, Gofundme, Indiegogo, Fundly, Fundraise, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Dapps, Meme Coins, Token Listing, Trending tokens, Dextools trending, Coinmarketcap, and Coingecko Fast-Track Listing,Token Promotion, ICO marketing, as well as Social Media, Email, and Linkedin Marketing. And LOT MORE.... #Crowdfunding#CrowdfundingPromotion#Kickstarter#Indiegogo#CrowdfundingExpert#CampaignMarketing#Fundraising#CrowdfundingStrategy#CrowdfundingConsultant#CrowdfundingSuccess#BackerEngagement#ProjectFunding#CrowdfundingCampaigns#CrowdfundingMarketing#CrowdfundingPR#CrowdfundingManagement#CrowdfundingAgency#CrowdfundingTips#CrowdfundingSupport#FundraisingSpecialist#CrowdfundingGuru#CampaignOptimization#CrowdfundingResults#CampaignAnalytics 📌NOTE: The general services I provide are listed in my profile, which is general. I have teams at each platform, which makes it simpler for me to deliver in an efficient and expert manner. hence, anticipate the best. 🎗️I can work around your schedule, complete tasks on time, and work quickly without compromising quality (yes, there are many people in this area who will charge half my hourly cost, But i produce subpar work and i need short time to complete the task. 🤝And I hope we can soon collaborate. Thanks wishing you the best.!!! David

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  • Crowdfunding Consultation
  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Crowdfunding Marketing
  • Crowdfunding Account Setup
  • ICO Marketing
  • Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency
  • Security Token Development
  • ICO White Paper

Get started working with Osogba quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Osogba quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get Active crypto & NFT investors leads, crypto Influencer, Crypto investors

From $50
3 days delivery

You will get Organic Active Crypto Telegram Members, Discord Members, Token Group

From $150
3 days delivery

You will get Fast Track Token or coin listing on Coinmarketcap and coingecko

From $1,000
4 days delivery

You will get A Market Maker Trading Bot For Volume Generation On Crypto Exchanges

From $1,500
3 days delivery