Tom D.
100% Job Success

Senior Full Stack WordPress Development

As a core contributor at WordPress, and senior developer at Stuurlui in Utrecht, The Netherlands, my focus lies in crafting websites within the 30-50k range. While I thrive in the structured environment of Stuurlui, I also enjoy taking on occasional projects on platforms like Upwork. These opportunities allow me to venture beyond the confines of my workplace's well-coded websites and default stack, keeping my skills sharp and adaptable to diverse client needs. I'm passionate about leveraging my expertise to deliver exceptional digital experiences and drive tangible results for clients across various domains. Whether it's implementing and fine-tuning technical SEO, optimizing performance, or creating custom theme and/or plug-in solutions tailored to unique requirements, I'm committed to delivering excellence in every project I undertake.


  • WordPress Plugin
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress Theme
  • WordPress SEO Plugin
  • WordPress Development


Endorsements from past clients

"Tom helped me with my fashion webshop. He was very professional and took the time to explain me how to work with woo commerce. If I had questions, even if it was in the late evening or weekend, he always took the time to response and help me really quickly. So far the webshop works very well and if I have some obstacles it doesn't bother him if I send a whapp on his private number. "

Lisa H. | Founder
Redesigning WooCommerce Webshop Nov 2020


"We hired Tom to move our Wordpress website to a new server and speed it up a little. Tom is not only an amazing developer, he's very customer-friendly and cooperative. After Tom was done with doing his magic things, our website ranking (GT-Metrix) went from 17% to 91%! So, if you need a new Wordpress website, or you want to optimize your current one, Tom is your man!"

Tim B. | Founder
WordPress Performance Optimization Oct 2020


"Tom helped me by developing and designing my webshop in a fast and efficient manner. He was very involved with the project and brought good ideas to the table. The webshop and explanation on how to use it was user friendly, as even with no former experience with WordPress I can now add products effortlessly. Any required customizations were always added within 24 hours."

John d. | Founder
WooCommerce webshop for second-hand items Oct 2020


"I recently worked with Tom, to enhance both the user experience and design of our website. Tom is a professional, who knows how to translate the clients wishes to a suitable and viable fix. I'd definitely recommend Tom to others!"

Jannes O. | Marketing & Sales Coordinator
WooCommerce solution for selling courses Oct 2020