Prajyot P.

Trusted Paralegal Services Admin & Digital Marketing since 2012

✔️Looking for a Trustworthy freelancer? ✔️Want value for your money? ✔️Would you like someone with experience and a quick turnaround time? Then you have landed on the right profile. Prajyot is a well-known Entrepreneur, Lawyer and paralegal service provider amidst worldwide Law firms, corporate and individual high ticket clients, he helps you to draft all kinds of Contracts and agreements worldwide compliant with your local laws so you can have a safe and compliant contract for yourself. you can also find highly detailed oriented and quick drafting, legal research, data extraction, deposition Summaries, medical Summaries, and other paralegal services under his banner. With over 5 years of experience and success in his field along with a team of expert paralegals and attorneys he delivers in-dept and detailed Legal Research, Contract drafting, and other paralegal services. IN his entire courier both offline and online he has helped hundreds of clients with his contract drafting, research paralegal services, skills, and knowledge. These contract drafting projects came from individuals, corporations, and law firms from around the world. When you opt for his contract Drafting services you can get legally enforceable contracts drafted in your budget from around the world also since a lot of legal research goes in drafting a contract and time is of the essence in most contract drafting jobs his knowledge skill and the expert team comes into play to deliver you top quality contracts, research and paralegal services in time. Prajyot is also an entrepreneur and creates a lot of job opportunities. He is also a Social worker, Motivational speaker, and Author and hence brings his circle of both enthusiastic & expert content writers editors and proofreaders for projects of such need. Also with an initiative to help underprivileged groups of society during the COVID-19 pandemic he finds data entry work, provides appropriate skill training required for data entry work, and matches the new skill with clients. Handling multiple businesses, life, and society effectively, He is certainly the best Project Manager to manage and fulfill all kinds of your projects and jobs.


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