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📖 My Qualifications are : 🎓 Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. 🎓 Master's of Science in Pure Mathematics I am PhD student in Pure Mathematics (Algebra-Major) 📚 Mathematics Courses covered in my undergraduate: 🌟 Pure Mathematics Units ✅Discrete Mathematics(Set Theory) ✅Linear Algebra ✅Real Analysis I & II ✅Vector Analysis ✅Complex Analysis ✅Functional Analysis ✅Algebraic Structures ✅Number Theory ✅Group Theory ✅Ring Theory ✅Algebraic Coding Theory ✅Field Theory ✅Non-Commutative Rings ✅Topology I & II 🌟 Probability and Statistics Units ✅ Probability and Statistics I, II & III 🌟 Applied Mathematics Units ✅Calculus 1(Differential Calculus) ✅Calculus 2(Integral Calculus) ✅Vector Analysis ✅Complex Analysis ✅Ordinary Differential Equations 1 (ODE1) ✅Partial Differential Equations 1 (PDE1) 📚 Courses covered in Postgraduate Studies: ✅ Complex Analysis ✅ Group Theory ✅ Measure Theory ✅ Operator Theory ✅ Banach Algebra ✅ Functional Analysis ✅ General Topology ✅ Representation Theory ✅ Combinatorics Research Interest: ✅ Matrix Completion problem ✅ Algebraic Coding Theory ✅ Algebraic Number Theory ✅ Group Theory 💼 Experience/Expertise >5 Years teaching pure mathematics at various universities. >8 years experience in teaching Mathematics to individual students. >3 Years writing Mathematics research work. Quotes: "Mathematics is Life, Live It". "Mathematics is Fun, Enjoy It."
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Get started working with Victor quickly with these predefined projects.

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