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Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Cosmetics, Supplement Formulation

One of the Oldest formulator of Pharmaceutical, supplement and cosmetics products in Upwork (Odesk & Elance) working with pride since 2011, when there was only very few formulators. Offered Services : ✅ Pharmaceutical expert, ✅ Pharmaceutical Formulation, ✅ Supplement formulation, ✅ Cosmetic formulation, ✅ Clinical trial, ✅ GMP audit, ✅ Contract manufacturing, ✅ Medicine export, ✅ Medicine import, ✅ Medical device, ✅ Healthcare business, ✅ Pharmaceutical investment & project management, ✅ Pharmaceutical Website development, ✅Medicine Drop shipping, ✅ Drug repurposing, ✅Generic selling, ✅Pharmacist ✅Oncology or Anticancer Product export, ✅Pharma patent product export, ✅Veterinary medicine, ✅ Active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing. I have worked in different renowned pharmaceutical companies in Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Production department and as a Factory head. Pharmaceutical product Formulation, export & contract manufacturing. Cosmetic product Formulation, export & contract manufacturing. Supplement product Formulation, export & contract manufacturing. Herbal product Formulation, export & contract manufacturing. Probiotic product Formulation, export & contract manufacturing. Biotech product formulation & manufacturing. Veterinary product Formulation. Herbal Product Formulation. Pharmaceutical product like Patent medicine, Oncology or anticancer, Antiviral medicine, Vaccine, inhaler, and all kinds of medicine export. Organizing contract or Third party manufacturing of existing or private label or custom pharmaceutical, supplement, and cosmetic products. Providing solution regulatory documentation for any regulatory body globally, including USFDA, MHRA, TGA, GCC, Eudrlex, Anvisa. Pharmaceutical Product formulation and manufacturing: 1. All types of formulation development. 2. Pharmaceutical Analysis. 3. Analytical Method Development. 4. Pharmaceutical product stability according to ICH & WHO guidelines. 5. Technology transfer to production after successful product development. 6. Different dosage forms manufacturing like tablet, capsule, powder for suspension, ointment, Kidney Dialysis Fluid, Injection. 7. Manufacturing problem solution. 8. Process Validation. 9. Stability study according to ICH, WHO, or other regulatory guidelines. Cosmetic formulation and Manufacturing: Shampoo, cream, lotion, soap, perfume, toiletries, toothpaste, gel, hand sanitizer, face mask, conditioner, mouthwash, sunscreen etc. Supplement formulation and manufacturing: All kinds of supplement formulation in the form of tablet, capsule, powder for suspension & Liquid. Have established of different pharmaceutical, Biotech, supplement manufacturing facility. Biotech product manufacturing facility setup including insulin, vaccine. Cosmetic product manufacturing facility setup. Supplement product manufacturing facility setup. Herbal product manufacturing facility setup. Veterinary product facility Setup. Facility & Utility Setup:- 1. GMP review of Pharmaceutical plant. 2. Pharmaceutical Utilities requirement based on products. 3. Facility development based of products like Tablet production line, capsule production line, powder for suspension production line, Ointment production line, sachet product line, injection production line, kidney dialysis fluid production line. 4. Production Planning and inventory control. 5. GMP Documentation. 6. Facility qualification. 7. Machine sourcing. 8. Raw materials sourcing. 9. Packaging sourcing. Pharmaceutical, Supplement & Cosmetic product Cost Calculation: 1. Direct materials Product costing. 2. Indirect costing. Medicine, supplement & cosmetic Manufacturing & Supply:- 1. All types of medicine (Allopathic, Herbal, Unani, Ayurvedic) manufacturer. 2. Custom-made medicine manufacturing. 3. All types of medicine contract manufacturing. All kinds of Raw materials Sourcing & Procurement:- 1. Raw materials sourcing regular grade, COS grade and US-DMF grade. 2. Active pharmaceutical ingredient Sourcing & procurement. 3. Excipients procurement, e.g. binder, diluent, lubricant, glidant, anti adhering agent, sweetening agent, viscosity imparting agent, emulsifying agent. Packaging Materials Designing, Sourcing Procurement: 1. Pharmaceuticals primary packaging materials design, eg. Alu lid foil, Alu bottom foil, PVC bottom foil, PVDC bottom foil, Aclar Bottom, Ampoule, vial, stopper, glass bottle, HDPE Bottle stopper, cap. 2. Pharmaceuticals secondary packaging materials design, eg. Inner carton, insert, Master carton. 4. Blister format design based on the machine specification. Pharmaceutical, supplement & cosmetic Manufacturing Facility GMP Audit. Clinical Trial: Organizing clinical trial studies in animal and human models. Organizing Preclinical trial, Animal Trial, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 Clinical Trial, Bioequivalence study etc. Content creation & website development for a pharmaceutical, biotech, supplement and cosmetic company.

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