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Full Stack Developer-|IOS|Android|MERN|WebRTC|Twilio |RPA

Hi, Mubashir here :) 🏆 TOP-RATED PLUS TEAM 🌟 Responsive Communication 🌟 Quality Assured products and transparent services 🌟 Efficient Post-development maintenance Have you ever considered hiring a professional to help you balance your work and life responsibilities? I have six years of Mobile and Web development experience My core interest is in TWILIO, AGORA, Chatbot Development, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology I have been working on chatbot development on platforms like IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow, and many more. In Blockchain development, my expertise is in Ethereum I have developed and designed several chat-bots. I have worked with programmable Twilio voice and programmable Twilio video to develop complex Mobile and Web Apps I have used Twilio SMS API to add robust messaging capabilities to client applications. I have Developed IVR using Twilio Voice API I have strong skills in developing SMS Marketing Applications which can send SMS in Bulk I have worked with OpenEMR. One of the most famous open-source EMRs available and in practice. I have Expertise in Chat-bot in the following platforms 1. IBM Watson chatbot 2. Google Dialog Flow 3. Manychat 4. Chat-fuel I have integrated them with websites, Facebook, skype, slack, voice chat, firebase, mobile apps, etc. In there, I have expertise in the following : 1. Smart Contracts in Solidity 2. Remix IDE 3. Truffle Framework 4. Truffle Develop and Ganache as ethereum client 5. Ethereum Wallet 6. Used all networks on the ethereum test network, leading network, etc 7. Have been using different extensions to interact with blockchains like metamask and mist. ** With me, you will get not only a worthy freelancer but also a "friend" that will do anything possible for you to achieve your goals! *** Please message me with your project or your idea for more details on direct communication.

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  • Python
  • Blockchain Development
  • Web Application
  • Twilio API
  • Chatbot Development
  • WebRTC
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • NestJS
  • Nuxt.js
  • Robotic Process Automation