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Copywriter & AI Integration Strategist

Maybe you already believe in the power of AI and are trying to leverage it to achieve your business and marketing goals… Maybe you’ve spent hours playing around with ChatGPT, but the results always seem mediocre at best… If this sounds like you, then it’s time we get in touch. As an AI-focused copywriter and prompt engineer, my mission on Upwork and beyond is to help business owners and marketers utilize the full (and ever-expanding) power of generative AI to boost their reach and attract new revenue. In this space, I’m really good at 2 things: 1. Leveraging my knowledge of generative AI + years of experience as an English professor to teach clients how to integrate AI into their marketing through the art of strategic prompt crafting. 2. Creating polished copy and content that’s better researched and much better optimized with the power of generative AI. As a copywriter who embraces the evolving world of AI, I believe these exceptional tools are so much more than “time savers” or a cheap replacement to a Virtual Assistant. They’re opportunities to help us enact more targeted marketing strategies, compose better researched copy, create really competitive SEO content, repurpose our posts effectively and efficiently, and achieve far greater awareness of our audience’s needs, hesitations, and desires… All of which allows us to widen our reach and attract more people to our services and our products! That said, I’ll be the first to admit – there’s quite a learning curve when it comes to effectively adopting AI into your content creation protocols and your marketing. Not everyone realizes just how much the initial “prompt” you write for, say, ChatGPT can make a world of difference between an impressively creative post and one that sounds inhuman and is riddled with cliches. Once you get the prompt right, you also need the skills and awareness to evaluate your AI output, compose targeted follow-up prompts, and to edit/improve portions of the text in a way that only a human can… for now at least! Generative AI is extremely powerful… it’s capable of reading hundreds of pages of text almost instantly and retaining a nearly indescribable amount of information for immediate access… But you still need a qualified HUMAN MIND partnering alongside it. And that’s me – utilizing my knowledge of AI along with my Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, the years I’ve spent teaching college-level writing courses, and my extensive professional editing experience. Whether you’re looking for polished copy/content that utilizes the latest technology to achieve optimization or someone who can train you personally in the art of AI prompt crafting and integration into your marketing, look no further! I’ve got you covered! - Ethan Forrest Ross

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