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Hello, I'm Amber Benka, a freelancer and the driving force behind Seal Solutions. In my capacity as a freelancer and a licensed broker agent I have a robust six-year tenure in the insurance industry and freelancing involving various skills . My multifaceted background encompasses a broad spectrum of experiences outside of and within the insurance domain, showcasing my adaptability and proficiency in various key areas. Insurance Expertise: Worker's Compensation Customer Billing Management: Successfully spearheaded the intricate management of worker's compensation customer billing, demonstrating a keen understanding of the complexities involved in this crucial aspect of insurance operations. Growth in Property and Casualty Segment: Played a pivotal role in the expansion and growth of the property and casualty segment within an agency. This involved strategic planning, client engagement, and a proactive approach to capitalize on opportunities in the market. Policy Servicing and Sales: Executed pivotal roles in policy servicing and sales, contributing to the overall success of The Seal Agency. This included leveraging my industry knowledge to provide exemplary service to clients and actively driving sales initiatives. Diverse Skill Set: Website Content Creation: Beyond the realm of insurance, I have actively contributed to website content creation, infusing creativity and strategic messaging to enhance online presence and engagement. Freelance Writing: Engaged in freelance writing projects, demonstrating a flair for crafting compelling content, answering queries, developing interview questions, and creating study course materials. Insurance Course Development: Played a role in the development of insurance courses, combining my industry expertise with a pedagogical approach to create informative and engaging learning materials. Data Entry Projects: Executed data entry projects with precision, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and the ability to handle large volumes of information accurately. Proficiency in Customer Management Systems: My extensive proficiency in customer management systems includes mastery of Salesforce, IMS, Less Annoying CRM, Zoho, Hubspot, Agency Zoom, and Now Certs. This technological adeptness ensures seamless integration with various platforms and enhances overall operational efficiency. As a freelancer, I am poised and available for independent work. Please let me know how I can contribute to your specific needs, leveraging my wealth of experience and skills. I am excited about the prospect of discussing how my extensive background can bring value to your organization. About Seal Solutions: Paving the Way for Insurance Agency Success Specializing in a full spectrum of services, we embark on a comprehensive journey to launch and elevate insurance agencies. For new agencies, our collaborative efforts begin with foundational steps, from business name and FEIN filings to registrations and more. We ensure operational readiness by setting up essential office systems, including email accounts, phone, fax, management systems, and other vital software. Beyond these basics, we delve into creating a robust online presence through website development, social media strategy, and targeted marketing efforts. Our expertise also extends to crafting handbooks, manuals, and other critical resources. For existing agencies facing challenges, Seal Solutions brings a unique blend of expertise and problem-solving skills. Our dedicated experts work closely to identify core issues and devise actionable strategies for resolution. Whether revamping operational processes or redefining marketing strategies, we handle it all within our team, steering your agency back to the path of success. At Seal Solutions, we don't just offer services; we deliver success. I look forward to discussing how we can seal the success of your agency too. Feel free to reach out with any project you may have. Thank you, Amber Benka
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