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We are experienced artists and developers from around the world, our collective expertise gives us an edge when creating digital media. It's our job to help you bring your ideas into reality.


From 3D art to providing creative advice for website improvements, Feverdream Softworks offers an impressive collection of services for our clients. We’re a creative team of strategic and innovative people committed to solving the most complex challenges in the world of 3D modeling, Digital Marketing web & game development and localization. -3D MODELING Our talented artists can develop custom specialized 3D models from a sketch, image or even from your concepts for any field including, but not limited to, advertising, architecture, education, science, government, military, and manufacturing industries. ​-GAME DEVELOPMENT We provide services to cover all aspects of game and app development. Ranging from concept art and prototyping to coding and testing, our team is here to deliver and save you the trouble of managing multiple teams so you can focus on core business objectives. - WEBSITE DESIGN and DIGITAL MARKETING Do you have trouble reaching your clients and customers online? Poor web design, poor SEO and a bad online presence might be the reason why! We live in a digital era where everything can be done on the Internet. Modern users value their time. We at Feverdream can help you to make your online presence relevant. -LANGUAGE LOCALIZATION Our team is formed by people from all around the world and at its core, localization is about making a game more meaningful and engaging to a particular player base. Every region of the world has its own culture, language, and customs, so your game should ideally display region-specific language in its buttons, instructions, character dialogue, etc.

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Graphics & Design

Art & Illustration


  1. Animation
  2. 3D Modeling
  3. AMP Framework
  4. Academic Translation
  5. 3D Rendering
  6. Game Development

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