Igor Goncharovsky

Igor Goncharovsky

$44.44  /hr

VoIP/Asterisk specialist

Omsk, Russia
Asterisk SIP PHP Freeswitch Kamailio


My target research area is Open Source VoIP systems, mainly based on Asterisk. I have expertise in ViciDIAL, FreePBX, A2Billing systems, VoIP distros like TrixBOX, Elastix, AstLinux. In 5 years I have developed systems like pre-paid systems, callback, outbound dialers, contributed number of patches to Asterisk project. I have experience in SQL, Ajax, Python. Interested in deep studying Ruby(Adhearsion), Python, FreeSWITCH, Kamailio.VoIP protocols: SIP, MRCP, ISDN BRI, E1 (PRI/SS7/R2), IAX2, RTSP, RTP, RTCP

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