Flexibility Through Freelancing

How freelancing can help you take control of your life and career

Flexibility Through Freelancing Hero
Let’s face it, a traditional full-time job isn’t a good fit for everyone. Maybe you’re juggling kids or caring for a family member. Maybe 9 to 5 doesn’t work for you. Maybe you just want more control over your time.

Good news: There’s freelancing.

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    As an independent professional, you work for yourself and take on jobs with clients when and as often as you like.
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    The flexibility of freelancing lets you take greater control of your life and career.
Of the 9.5 million Americans who tried remote freelancing in 2020, 60% say there is no amount of money that would convince them to go back to a traditional job.
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With increased autonomy and flexibility, freelancing gives many people a career path that traditional employment can’t replicate.

Why People Freelance

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want to be more available as a caregiver for their family.

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want to address their personal mental or physical health needs.

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are not able to work for a traditional employer because of personal circumstances, such as health issues or child care needs.

Meet Tatiana

Tatiana Photo

The Modern Freelancer

Senior Branding Specialist
Anaheim, CA
Hi, I’m Tatiana and I’m a senior branding specialist. As an independent professional, I’m my own boss. I'm not restricted to working traditional business hours, and I can control the amount of work I take on and how much I get paid. Most importantly, I have the freedom to choose the projects I work on … so, I can make sure I'm always working on something I'm passionate about.

Freelancing allows me
to juggle everything.

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    I still have plenty of time to spend with my kids. I'm able to volunteer at their school, take them to activities, and be there for all of the big (and small) moments.  
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    I'm always home for dinner, and have the flexibility to take family vacations.
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    Plus, I get to work in pajamas and can even set up my "office" at the beach!

I’m self-employed, but not alone.

The one thing I missed about the 9-to-5 life was my support network. But I joined Upwork and found a community that helped me to:
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    Pursue my dream career
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    Make connections with other freelancers
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    Connect with potential mentors
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    Land new jobs
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    Access opportunities at global corporations
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    Expand my network outside my area
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Meet some of the independent professionals who use Upwork like me.

Hey, everyone! My friends want to know why you ditched traditional employment.

Who wants to share first?
Cameron McCosh Photo
“I can balance it all better”

“I am more in control of my schedule as a self-employed person. Whether it's being a parent or simply being a human who needs time for a workout or a dentist appointment, working for myself means I am more able to take the time I need to recharge in order to do my work well.”

Cameron McCosh, Senior Marketing & Communications Strategist, Portland, United States
Hugo Roger Photo
“I can pursue life’s passions”

"I originally left my full-time job at a Fortune 500 company to freelance so I could travel and volunteer. Now that I'm a father, I'm even more grateful for the flexibility Upwork offers me to work on my own terms and be present with my two children."

Hugo Roger, Market Research Analyst and Translator, São Paulo, Brazil
Faiza Yousuf Photo
“I can make a difference in the community”

“I am able to take care of my family, cook, read, grow my kitchen garden, and run two nonprofits because of Upwork.”

Faiza Yousuf, Senior Product Manager, Karachi, Pakistan
Grigorij Richters Photo
“I can control my projects and clients”

"Upwork provides me with the flexibility to pick and choose which projects I work on, what type of work I do, and who I work for."

Grigorij Richters, PR Specialist and Digital Media Consultant, Hamburg, Germany
Wahidul Islam Murad Photo
“I can work whatever hours I want”

“In my culture and region, working at a bank is considered the pillar of success. When I left my career at a bank to freelance on Upwork, everyone thought I was crazy. It was very hard to explain to my family why I was pursuing this path. Today, I am earning 10 times what I was earning at the bank, all while being able to have the flexibility to work whichever eight hours I choose during the day.”

Wahidul Islam Murad, UX/UI Designer, Chittagong, Bangladesh
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Freelancing helped me take control of my life and career.

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