The 30 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2023

The 30 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2023

As more businesses embrace a remote-work model, the number of work-from-home job openings continues to increase. The variety of jobs that can now be done from home might surprise you. From data entry and writing to IT security and even nursing, these are some of the most interesting and best paying jobs for remote workers in 2023:

We’ve provided average salary rates for each job as a guideline. Your freelance rate may vary based on experience, location, and other factors. An entry-level work-at-home job may pay a lower rate than one requiring an experienced practitioner.

When deciding on the best work-from-home opportunities for you, consider how much you’d like to earn, as well as non-monetary perks like a flexible schedule—or a set one, if that’s what you prefer!

How to find the best work from home jobs

Whether you're self-taught or have a bachelor's degree, are entry-level or hold a doctorate, a variety of interesting work-from-home jobs are available to you.

Available options on job boards and work marketplaces can include remote full-time work, remote part-time jobs, independent contractor agreements, and freelance opportunities.


Unlike traditional job sites, Upwork is fully dedicated to remote, independent work. This means that every job you find on Upwork is one that you can do from home.

Companies of all sizes use Upwork, including about 50% of Fortune 500 companies. Whether you want to work with other independent professionals, agencies, small business owners, startups, nonprofits, or large corporations, you can find your ideal client on Upwork. Jobs can range in length from a one-time project to a long-term contract with 40 hours of work per week.

Using Upwork is also unique in that you, as the job seeker, have complete control over every aspect of your search. You can see up front what the given budget is for a job, submit a specific rate in a proposal, and only offer the services that you want to provide. There’s no waiting and wondering if a job you’ve applied for will even pay the rate you want. And you will be paid—Upwork’s hourly payment protection and escrow system make sure of it.


Indeed’s search feature allows you to narrow results by job title and location, including “remote.” Many of the results are full-time remote job opportunities.

Searching for freelance jobs on Indeed isn’t easy. If that’s the type of work-from-home job you are looking for, you may have more success with a platform like Upwork, which is dedicated to connecting independent professionals with clients.


As with Indeed, you can search for jobs in any location on Monster. This includes those that mention “remote” or “work from home” in the description.

While you can search for “freelance” as a job keyword on Monster, the results are mixed. During a test search in all locations, many of the top results were actually sponsored listings for full-time roles.


Many companies post openings on LinkedIn, and users can set up alerts for specific jobs and titles. Searching “freelance” and “remote” will return a variety of roles meeting that criteria.

LinkedIn also offers a feature called “Service Pages,” which allows independent professionals to list their services and receive requests from other users seeking help with a project.

Work-from-home jobs

All independent professional rates listed below are from Upwork, Clockify, or ZipRecruiter.

Web developer

Web developers, sometimes called programmers, write code to create and maintain websites for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Some web developers focus more on the back end of a website, which is used internally, while others focus on the front end, which is seen by people browsing online.

A web developer’s daily responsibilities may include:

  • Creating new websites or webpages
  • Inspecting and resolving problems with code
  • Working cross-functionally with website designers
  • Building new web-based tools for business use
  • Improving user experience (UX)

How much can a web developer make in 2023?

Independent web developers typically charge $15 to $30 per hour.

Browse web development jobs

Software developers

Software developers work with code, like web developers, but they focus on the creation of applications and programs. Typical roles for software developers include building and maintaining banking apps, working on corporate tax software, and creating mobile games. Any company that has an app or software product may need the help of a software developer.

Software developers’ day-to-day responsibilities can include:

  • Checking existing code for issues and bugs
  • Creating new apps and software programs
  • Updating software and apps with new features
  • Managing databases
  • Planning and documenting software changes

How much can a software developer make in 2023?

Independent software developers typically charge $15 to $30 per hour.

See the best software development jobs

WordPress developer

A WordPress developer may build custom websites, themes, and plugins. They use the open-source WordPress platform to create these webpages and tools to their clients’ specifications. These developers typically use the PHP coding language and are often experienced in hosting and securing WordPress sites.

A WordPress developer’s responsibilities may include:

  • Building custom WordPress pages
  • Integrating WordPress plugins
  • Testing websites across browsers and devices
  • Troubleshooting website bugs
  • Managing WordPress installation and hosting

How much can a WordPress developer make in 2023?

Independent WordPress developers typically charge $15 to $28 per hour.

See all available WordPress jobs

QA tester

QA testers look for bugs and other issues in new software releases. A QA tester’s findings help to ensure that products are ready for use when they go to market.

A software QA tester’s responsibilities can include:

  • Testing completed software
  • Testing new versions of uncompleted software
  • Ensuring software can hold up to user demands
  • Detecting potential bugs
  • Evaluating user experience

How much can a software QA tester make in 2023?

Independent software QA testers typically charge $13 to $50 per hour.

Get hired as a software QA tester

Graphic designer

Graphic designers may work on print, website, or social media projects. A graphic designer typically uses software such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Affinity Designer in their day-to-day work. Designers may work for businesses of all sizes, in any industry.

A graphic designer’s responsibilities can include:

  • Creating branded graphics for clients
  • Sourcing and licensing stock images
  • Preparing print and web-ready versions of graphics
  • Designing social media posts and website banners
  • Laying out text for a printed book or newsletter

How much can a graphic designer make in 2023?

Independent graphic designers typically charge $15 to $35 per hour.

Check out the best graphic design jobs

Logo designer

Logo designers are graphic designers who specialize in creating logos for businesses. Some logo designers provide additional branding services, including developing color palettes, choosing typefaces, and designing business cards.

A logo designer’s responsibilities can include:

  • Speaking with clients or company stakeholders
  • Conducting industry research
  • Creating themed color palettes
  • Designing multiple logos for client review
  • Revising logo designs

How much can a logo designer make in 2023?

Independent logo designers typically charge $15 to $30 per hour.

Check out the best logo design jobs

Presentation designer

Presentation designers help individuals and companies convey information and win business. A presentation designer may create sales decks, online course slides, visual aids for conferences, and more.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a presentation designer can include:

  • Creating charts and graphs
  • Drawing custom illustrations
  • Laying out data and text in a visually appealing manner
  • Selecting typefaces and color palettes
  • Animating presentation elements

How much can a presentation designer make in 2023?

Independent presentation designers typically charge $15 to $35 per hour.

Get hired as a presentation designer

Video editor

Video editors turn raw footage into finished commercials, marketing videos, YouTube videos, television shows, movies, and more.

A video editor’s responsibilities include:

  • Watching footage to determine the best angles and shots
  • Cutting long video to fit seamlessly with the intended narrative
  • Cutting and adding B-roll footage into a film
  • Syncing video and audio tracks
  • Reviewing edited footage for errors

How much can a video editor make in 2023?

Independent video editors typically charge $15 to $30 per hour.

Find work as a video editor

Social media manager

Social media managers create, plan, schedule, and post content on social media networks. Some social media managers will manage a company’s accounts across multiple platforms, while others specialize in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

A social media manager’s duties may include:

  • Creating post visuals in programs like Adobe Creative Cloud or Canva
  • Working with copywriters and graphic designers
  • Managing a social media content calendar
  • Collaborating with influencers and affiliates
  • Monitoring reach and engagement metrics
  • Responding to direct messages and comments

How much can a social media manager make in 2023?

Independent social media managers typically charge $14 to $35 per hour.

Find a social media manager job

Marketing manager

Marketing managers help businesses of all sizes streamline and improve their marketing efforts. This can include advising on strategy, implementing new software, executing campaigns, and more.

A marketing manager’s day-to-day responsibilities may include:

  • Tracking and reporting KPIs
  • Building workflows to automate processes
  • Developing new campaign strategies
  • Working cross-functionally with design, content, SEO, and development teams
  • Managing marketing projects from start to finish

How much can a marketing manager make in 2023?

Independent marketing managers typically charge $24 to $60 per hour.

Check out available marketing manager jobs

Content strategist

Content Strategists plan what content to create and when to publish it. This can include written content, video, audio, and even data visualizations. Content strategists are an important part of the marketing process at small and large companies in nearly all industries.

A content strategist’s responsibilities can include:

  • Working cross-functionally with SEO specialists, videographers, graphic designers, and writers
  • Researching industry trends
  • Managing a calendar of content types and publication dates
  • Assigning work to marketing team members
  • Reviewing content performance

How much can a content strategist make in 2023?

Independent content managers typically charge around $19 per hour.

Browse content strategist jobs


Copywriters create content for digital and print marketing materials. They may be skilled in advertising or search engine optimization in addition to writing.

A copywriter’s day-to-day responsibilities can include:

  • Researching projects and topics
  • Working with UX designers and SEO specialists
  • Drafting new blog posts, emails, landing pages, whitepapers, and marketing materials
  • Entering copy into wireframes
  • Editing and improving existing copy

How much can a copywriter make in 2023?

Independent copywriters typically charge $19 to $45 per hour.

View all copywriting jobs


Proofreaders make sure that digital and print documents are free of errors. This work can include reviewing webpages before they go live, checking drafts of books and manuscripts, reviewing corporate correspondence, and more.

A proofreader’s responsibilities can include:

  • Checking documents for grammatical errors
  • Correcting spelling and syntax
  • Making suggestions to improve written text
  • Editing translated text
  • Checking facts, figures, and quotes for accuracy

How much can a proofreader make in 2023?

Independent proofreaders typically charge $18 to $35 per hour.

Find proofreading jobs


Translators help companies and individuals produce content in more than one language. A translator may work on business documentation, website content, video captions, software manuals, marketing materials, and more. Translation is a valuable skill that is useful across many industries. Translators may speak and write more than one language, or be skilled in the nuances of different dialects.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a translator can include:

  • Translating between two different languages
  • Translating between two dialects of a language
  • Editing and rewriting content to account for linguistic differences
  • Converting data and numbers into the appropriate format or currency
  • Proofreading previously translated content

How much can a translator make in 2023?

Independent translators typically charge $15 to $25 per hour.

Find work as a translator


Cybersecurity and information security analysts help keep corporate networks secure.

A cybersecurity or information security professional’s responsibilities can include:

  • Monitoring network security for breaches
  • Investigating and resolving any security alerts
  • Implementing firewalls and other security measures on corporate networks
  • Educating employees about cybersecurity practices
  • Developing corporate cybersecurity policies

How much can a cybersecurity professional make in 2023?

Independent IT consultants typically charge $12 to $30 per hour.

View information security jobs

IT support

IT and technical support specialists work with software companies and other businesses that provide or use a technical product. They may help internal users and clients understand how a product works or troubleshoot problems. This role requires strong technical and customer support skills, as it is often very user focused.

An IT support specialist’s responsibilities can include:

  • Managing IT ticketing systems
  • Answering questions via phone and email
  • Accessing customer or employee user accounts for troubleshooting purposes
  • Managing helpdesk documentation
  • Onboarding new software users

How much can an IT support specialist make in 2023?

Independent IT support specialists typically charge around $19 per hour.

View all technical support jobs

Customer service manager

Customer service managers act as the helpful and informative face of a business. They may interact with prospective or existing customers of a company, and help to answer questions or solve problems.

A customer service manager’s responsibilities can include:

  • Responding to customer support tickets, chats, emails, social media messages, and phone calls
  • Working with internal teams to resolve customer issues
  • Updating internal and external customer service documentation
  • Communicating important updates to customers
  • Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Generating reports for company stakeholders

How much can a customer service manager make in 2023?

Independent customer service managers typically charge $10 to $19 per hour.

Browse all customer service jobs

Data entry

Data entry specialists extract data from documents, which is then entered into other documents and systems. A data entry professional may specialize in 10-key data entry, which focuses on numbers, or have the ability to quickly process large data sets and pull out the relevant written information. Businesses in many industries hire data entry specialists, including financial institutions and medical facilities.

A data entry specialist’s daily responsibilities can include:

  • Reviewing large data sets
  • Finding information online
  • Entering information into spreadsheets or forms
  • Optimizing existing systems
  • Developing and generating reports

How much can a data entry specialist make in 2023?

Independent data entry specialists typically charge $10 to $20 per hour.

Get hired for a data entry job

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide support with everyday tasks and help businesses run efficiently. They may work with one or more businesses, carrying out many of the same duties that an administrative assistant might handle in an office.

A virtual assistant’s responsibilities can include:

  • Managing appointment calendars
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Creating sales or marketing presentations
  • Fielding calls from customers and clients
  • Typing up meeting notes and agendas
  • Issuing and paying invoices
  • Scheduling social media posts

How much can a virtual assistant make in 2023?

Independent virtual assistants typically charge $10 to $20 per hour.

Get hired as a virtual assistant

Legal assistant

Legal assistants aid lawyers and legal departments with a variety of tasks related to projects or court cases. Some legal assistants may provide general support, while others specialize in a particular area of law.

A legal assistant’s responsibilities can include:

  • Communicating with other lawyers and law firms
  • Scheduling meetings for attorneys
  • Preparing client correspondence
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Managing the day-to-day operations of a legal department

How much can a legal assistant make in 2023?

Independent legal assistants typically charge about $28 per hour.

Browse legal assistant jobs

Loan officers and underwriters

Loan officers and underwriters work with the clients of financial institutions. A loan officer is responsible for educating potential customers about loans and determining if they are eligible for a mortgage, car loan, or personal loan. An underwriter or loan officer may work with personal and corporate loans, mortgages, and other lines of credit.

The daily responsibilities of a loan officer or underwriter can include:

  • Researching an applicant’s creditworthiness
  • Reviewing information submitted by applicants
  • Pre-approving or approving a loan application
  • Staying up-to-date on industry and financial regulations
  • Answering questions about loan options

How much can a loan officer or underwriter make in 2023?

Independent loan officers and underwriters often charge upward of $20 per hour.

Browse underwriting jobs

Accountant or bookkeeper

Accountants and bookkeepers may manage a company’s or individual’s finances throughout the year, or just at tax time. They can help with reconciling accounts, running payroll, creating reports, and issuing invoices, among other tasks.

The daily responsibilities of an accountant or bookkeeper may include:

  • Approving expense reports
  • Following up on late invoice payments
  • Calculating tax withholdings
  • Preparing and filing tax forms
  • Generating financial statements

How much can an accountant or bookkeeper make in 2023?

Independent accountants and bookkeepers typically charge between $11 and $32 per hour.

Start working as an accountant or bookkeeper

Financial analyst

Financial analysts track and plan business data related to financial performance and opportunities. They help clients leverage investments in order to maximize profits.

A financial analyst’s responsibilities may include:

  • Generating financial statements
  • Running financial models
  • Researching SEC filings and public financial data
  • Creating market analysis reports
  • Developing multi-year business plans

How much can a financial analyst make in 2023?

Independent financial analysts typically charge $20 to $60 per hour.

View the best financial analyst jobs

Wealth manager

Wealth managers, or financial managers, optimize their clients’ financial health. They provide advice to individuals or executive teams on how to maximize profits and investment performance.

A wealth manager’s day-to-day responsibilities can include:

  • Analyzing reports for ways to increase profit margins
  • Monitoring market trends for financial opportunities
  • Reviewing financial records for compliance with regulations
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Developing strategies to reduce investment risk

How much can a wealth manager make in 2023?

Independent financial managers typically charge $35 to $50 per hour.

View financial management jobs

Project manager

Project managers keep all the moving parts of a project in line and on track. A project manager may specialize in a particular methodology or industry. You can find project managers working with hospitals, at construction companies, with software developers, and more.

A project manager’s responsibilities can include:

  • Creating and tracking project goals
  • Updating project stakeholders on progress and changes
  • Figuring out how to work through unexpected roadblocks
  • Keeping all teams aligned on responsibilities
  • Preparing project documentation and reports

How much can a project manager make in 2023?

Independent project managers typically charge $19 to $45 per hour.

Browse project management jobs


Recruiters work to place qualified candidates in open job positions. Recruiters may work for one company, at a staffing agency, or independently with a variety of businesses.

A recruiter’s responsibilities may include:

  • Writing job posts
  • Collecting and reviewing candidates’ resumes
  • Conducting phone and video interviews
  • Scheduling follow-up interviews
  • Conducting background and reference checks

How much can a recruiter make in 2023?

Independent recruiters typically charge $10 to $55 per hour.

Browse all recruiting jobs


Teachers and tutors may explain concepts to either individuals or groups. While many teachers and tutors work with students, teachers may also work with individuals who are going through corporate training, studying for professional development exams, and more.

Typical responsibilities for teachers and tutors include:

  • Breaking down a large course of study into lessons
  • Creating study guides
  • Reviewing and correcting assignments
  • Explaining complex topics with written and visual aids
  • Assisting students with homework assignments

How much can a teacher make in 2023?

Independent teachers and tutors may charge anywhere from $15 to $100 per hour and up.

Find an online teaching or tutoring job

Virtual event planner

Event planners coordinate the necessary details related to a successful party, conference, meeting, or other gathering. An event planner may specialize in personal, corporate, or even virtual events.

An event planner’s day-to-day responsibilities can include:

  • Meeting with clients to review event options
  • Calling venues and vendors to discuss pricing
  • Negotiating the best rates for clients
  • Marketing an upcoming event
  • Resolving day-of issues

How much can an event planner make in 2023?

Independent event planners often charge $20 per hour and up.

Start working as a virtual event planner

Travel agent

Travel agents help people and businesses plan the perfect trip. They may put together vacation packages, book corporate retreats, and more.

A travel agent’s responsibilities can include:

  • Finding the best rates for airfare, accommodations, and entertainment
  • Booking airline tickets and making hotel reservations
  • Planning each stage for trips with multiple destinations
  • Recording business travel expenses
  • Preparing trip itineraries
  • Providing support for last-minute trip changes, cancellations and rebooking

How much can a travel agent make in 2023?

Work-from-home travel agents in in the US typically charge $28 per hour.

See the best travel agent jobs

Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners are nurses who hold at least a Master of Science in nursing and have gone through additional training. They are typically able to diagnose conditions and prescribe treatment, much like a doctor. Some nurse practitioners work in doctor’s offices and hospitals, some work in home health care settings, and others provide remote consultation and support.

When working from home, a nurse practitioner’s responsibilities may include:

  • Writing and reviewing medical content
  • Reviewing and summarizing medical records
  • Medical transcription
  • Creating medical training documentation
  • Conducting telehealth appointments with patients

How much can a nurse practitioner make in 2023?

Independent nurses often charge upward of $15 per hour. This rate typically increases for nurse practitioners.

Check out the best remote nursing jobs

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Emily Gertenbach is a B2B writer who creates SEO content for humans, not just algorithms. She's a former news correspondent who loves research and reporting.

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