How Can Freelancers Help Your Business Move Faster? [Video]

It’s not uncommon for smaller, less critical projects to sit in a company’s backlog for a while, especially during busy quarters or when teams are already spread too thin. But many times, putting projects on the back burner can bring innovation to a grinding halt. When it comes to certain mission-critical projects—tech overhauls to accommodate more users, smarter use of customer data, or traffic-driving marketing campaigns, for example—many businesses can’t afford to wait.

That’s where the growing freelance workforce comes in, helping organizations be faster, more nimble, and more productive.

How one tech company minimizes slow-downs with freelancers

Take a tech company like Silicon Valley-based Tango, creators of a popular mobile messaging service. There were projects the Tango team had “just hoped we could do,” according to founder Eric Setton. By creating more cross-functional teams with freelancers—teams that would otherwise have had to wait on borrowed bandwidth from other teams—those backlogged projects get tackled without delay.

Freelancers can help speed up production cycles

More and more, businesses that want to keep up with the fast pace of change and rapidly evolving technologies can’t wait on full-time talent and the sometimes tedious hiring process that comes with hiring them. Or, they’re looking for specialized skillsets that aren’t in-house or need more flexible help for busy sprints or big redesigns. Whatever the case, freelancer talent can be like a productivity jetpack.

Watch the video to hear more about how Tango uses freelance talent from Upwork to keep productivity flowing.