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Updated: November 11, 2013

Whether your team collaboration crosses cubicles or spans time zones, project management is the engine that keeps work moving along. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all process. Project demands and management technology are continuously evolving, so it’s important to keep up to date.

To help you stay on the leading edge of project management best practices, oDesk has put together a list of the top 25 project management blogs out there. If there are any favorites of yours that we missed, feel free to share them in the comments section!

  1. Project Management Hut

    Besides regularly publishing informative articles, Project Management Hut also features what they’ve termed as “huts”: collections of articles focusing on various aspects of project management.
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  2. Bob Sutton’s Blog

    Frustrated by workplace politics? Bob Sutton’s all over it. This highly published author focuses on helping you recognize and deal with the personnel issues that break the project pipeline.
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  3. Herding Cats

    Glen Alleman provides in-depth looks at not just the “how” of project management, but the “why” as well. Lots of good reads here.
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    Reviews on project management software and books, trending news, and informative how-to articles make this blog worthy of your bookmarks bar.
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  5. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

    Providing insight from the point of view of a female project manager, Elizabeth Harrin has won multiple awards for her top-notch blogging. Spend some time reading the blog and you’ll see why.
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  6. IT Consultant

    TechRepublic’s blog is written by IT consultants who view project management through a unique lens: that of an outside consultant. Their posts address the issues and needs faced by many consulting firms.
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  7. PMStudent

    Don’t let the large upfront advertisement put you off. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find regular articles and videos designed to educate and grow project managers who are new to the field.
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  8. Project Management 2.0

    How are enterprise and collaborative technologies changing project management? That’s a question Andrew Filev regularly addresses on his blog. He also tackles issues such as productivity, strategic planning and virtual team culture with a project management focus.
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  9. Tyner Blain Blog

    In this blog, Scott Sehlhorst shares lessons he’s learned from his own project management experiences as well as from what he’s observed as a consultant for companies both large and small.
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  10. Brad Egeland’s Blog

    Brad Egeland’s extensive PM experience shows in his blog. He regularly touches on a wide range of project management issues, including effective scheduling, using Agile, and the role of mobile devices.
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  11. Drunken PM

    A fan of Kanban and Evernote, David Prior regularly offers up Scrum and Agile project management tips with humor sprinkled throughout.
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  12. Eight to Late

    Feel like digging deep? Kailash Awati, the author of Eight to Late, regularly provides scholarly insights into project management issues.
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  13. Better Projects

    The blog home of several Agile-focused project managers, Better Projects shares a mix of theory, reviews and on-the-job insights.
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  14. Pawel Brodzinski

    If you’re involved in software project management, this is probably a blog for you. Brodzinski done a bit of everything in that regard and regularly digs into software development, team building and company management.
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  15. Business Craftsmanship

    Tobias Mayer approaches project management from a unique angle, drawing on “concepts and practices from theatre, design and other artful endeavors.” A key to his approach is to put principle ahead of process.
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  16. Voices on Project Management

    As the title suggests, this blog is the work of various authors sharing theory, insights and personal stories. It’s a great place to get new perspectives.
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  17. Project News Today

    Even though we’ve put 25 blogs on this list, there’s sure to be some good ones we’ve overlooked! Project News Today can help fill that gap. This blog provides a weekly roundup of project management resources from around the web.

  18. Back From Red

    An unpleasant truth is that projects can and do fail. In his blog, Todd Williams addresses the reasons for failures and shares strategies for recovery.
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  19. Earth PM

    Written by Rich Maltzman and David Shirley, this innovative blog is all about helping project managers embrace sustainability. Through the site, you’ll also find information about several online “green” project management communities.
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  20. Duration Driven

    As the blog of the Project Management Alliance, Duration Driven focuses heavily on training resources and development for managers. They also regularly publish PM-focused infographics.
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  21. Stepping Into PM

    Want to get a “rubber meets the road” perspective? This blog was started by Soma Bhattacharya as a way to record her experiences with her project management job.
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  22. Vertabase Blog

    The Vertabase software is all about effective project management. And so is their blog! Not a lot of spam here. Instead, expect to find useful tips and insights to improve your work.
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  23. Project Times

    Project Times is a webzine focused on project management. They cover trends, share insights from experts and even offer a PM-focused job board.
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  24. Guerrilla Project Management

    Samad Aidane is on a mission to deepen our understanding of the foundations of effective project management. He regularly interviews experts in areas such as organizational change, social science and neuroscience.
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  25. Easy In Theory, Difficult in Practice

    He’s managed PMOs, worked on projects of all sizes and provided consultation to clients in many different industries. From this wealth of experience, Kiron Bondale shares real-world project management advice, putting theory into practice.
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