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Raheel Hannan

Raheel Hannan Agency Contractor

World-Class Arabic Language & Translation Experts

United Kingdom - Portfolio: 1

We have over 8 years experience as world-leading specialists in the field of Arabic linguistics. We are the founders of the most popular Arabic learning website in the world and a leading online Arabic tuition centre. We are specialists in Arabic Translation - English to Arabic and Arabic to English. Madinah Arabic Translation Centre have translators of the highest calibre, experience and qualifications including specialists in legal and medical translation. Our translation team include PHD qualified translators with excellent English and native Arabic skillsets. We offer unrivaled cost efficiency and quality for all your translation solutions. Based on your requirements, we will assign the most suitable resources and guarantee delivery. As an organisation that values it's reputation foremost, we are not interested in your money - only your satisfaction.

$35.00 /hr
0 hours

Naveen Bansal

Naveen Bansal Agency Contractor

freelancer Asp.Net, MVC, Jquery, SQL Server, VB6, C#

India - Tests: 1

I have work experience for over 6 years now, I have experienced the transitions in technological trends from very close. I know and love MVC since its inception. I not only have tried to update my knowledge with the latest trends in technology but also posses strong hands-on experience into the same. My key skills include ASP.Net, MVC, jQuery, Windows Azure & MSSQL. Over the last 6 years I have developed, organized and lead development of wide range of different applications using different technologies for a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to e-commerce, telecommunications, insurance, travel & financial services. I am good at building MVC solution architecture and implementing Repository Pattern OR Unit of Work. Knowledge of backbone.js & knockout.js is there into my arsenal to implement client-side MVC while making it communicate with the RESTful WebAPIs at the server-end. It all flows good there. I have a good deal of hands-on-experience with various client-side frameworks/libraries e.g. less-framework/jQuery/jQueryUI etc too. I know how to design/develop responsive web applications with the help of neat & clean modern HTML5 & CSS3 standards, which also look beautiful at the user front-end with the help of available design templates e.g. Twitter Bootstrap. I have a very good command over MSSQL/MySql and various ORMs e.g. EF(CF), NHibernate, LLBLGenPro and many more. My passion towards technology makes me constantly take a note of what's happening into the tech world and learn new stuff as it emerges. Kindle is always my best friend there ;) Thank you for your interest!

$15.00 /hr
0 hours

Steve J.

Steve J. Agency Contractor

Content & Ad Copywriters, PPC & SEO Specialists

United Kingdom - Tests: 1

Think of us as an extension to your existing team, able to fill several skill and resource gaps without increasing your fixed costs or headcount. I work as part of a team of experienced and highly qualified ppc and seo specialists, campaign strategists, article publishers, backlink builders, content writers, editors, proofreaders, keyword researchers, ad copywriters, and all-round marketing specialists. We can write copy for your website or blog, design high-converting sales letters, emails and landing pages, research a portfolio of highly profitable keywords, write your ads, ghost write your book, edit and proofread anything you like and, in general, just help out where and when we are needed. We will handle jobs of any size or complexity and can usually make a start immediately. There is a team of very experienced UK based specialists here, based in London, each with different but complementary skill sets, awaiting your instructions.

$30.00 /hr
0 hours

Dinesh Panchal

Dinesh Panchal Agency Contractor

Senior WordPress Ninja, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails and MVC platforms

India - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 6

I am a senior web developer with extensive experience of 10+ years in building high quality website using WordPress, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails and MVC platforms. My experiences range from building modern responsive mobile sites using Bootstrap that works well cross-browser to building scalable sites for the financial services, real estate and artwork auction service industries. It’s important to me to build long term relationship with clients, so I'm primarily looking for long terms projects. I am flexible with my working hours and happy to work closely with client time zone. 100% Guaranteed peace of mind - I want my clients to be happy. If you're not 100% happy, I will work with you until you are. I believe communication is a key of success for all projects. I provide regular updates to my clients either using Project Management tool, E-mail, UpWork messages or Skype. During my 10+ years experience I've learnt many lightning fast query/caching/server optimization techniques that can't be learnt in books. These techniques can only be gained through hands on experience of building successful sites and keeping servers fast and online at all time. Look forward to hearing from you

$16.67 /hr
9 hours

Clifford Caluza

Clifford Caluza Agency Contractor

Business Researcher and Data Entry Specialist

Philippines - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 7

We offer professional research and data entry work. My team is also proficient in data mining, web scraping, lead generation and creating PowerPoint presentations. Its in our passion to serve clients/buyers very well. As the head of the team, I make sure the quality of our work. Clients should hire us because we provide 100% guaranteed work. The team I manage provides efficient and accurate work for each project. And after that is we build a more longer or continuos relationship with the client.

$5.00 /hr
0 hours

Luke Marr

Luke Marr Agency Contractor

Focus on your passion. I'll take care of the rest.

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 31

Blue Ivory Creative believes that in today's rapidly changing world, marketing is an ongoing, collective process. Therefore, we pride ourselves in providing and measuring creative marketing services and adapting them to fulfill your vision. We want you to be able to do what you're passionate about -- we'll handle the rest.

$40.00 /hr
1 hours

Stacy Matthews Branch

Stacy Matthews Branch Agency Contractor

Biomedical DVM, PhD with Multifaceted Background

United States - Portfolio: 6

A U.S.-educated biomedical research scientist, toxicologist, medical writer, veterinary medical doctor, and fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners, with over 20 years of practical professional experience (academia, government, private sector). I am a consultant and owner of Djehuty Biomed Consulting and a licensed veterinary medical doctor. Clients range from pharmaceutical and global health corporations, pet product companies, to start-up companies. Through my implementation and management of biomedical research programs, international experience in the development of academic and research collaborations, and design and implementation of environmental health and education programs, I have acquired an expansive and multifaceted working knowledge base. In addition, I am multilingual with fluency in English (native) and Español.

$65.00 /hr
0 hours

haward warden

haward warden Agency Contractor

proficient SEO, copywriter, Business and research writer

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

For any business site/blog, good writing is essential as any writing could easily kill your image. Finding your voice in the market/industry is key for success, one which can easily be achieved through creative content that truly displays your vision and professionalism. I possess a Bachelors Degree MBA (Marketing) and minor in communication and public relations, I possess a mix of skills and experience that has propelled my freelance career to greater success levels. I'm an award winning blogger, poet, and author. In March of 2015 I was awarded "Best Blog" in University of Colorado by the Associated Press. I'm currently competing for a national award in the same category. Since conception... I've known nothing but creativity in my life. I... Creating original content, with beautifully interlocked phrases that convey clear ideas underlines my aim. I Possess a compelling research skills and persuasive style of writing that involves a sublime indulgence of facts, an approach to conceptualization of presentation, an attainment of the perfect form of ordinary things around us.

$20.00 /hr
0 hours

Vladimir Zivanovic

Vladimir Zivanovic Agency Contractor

SEO Expert - Creative Writer

Serbia - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

First of all, I am an online marketing professional, as well as a blogger with a wide array of interests. Aside from constantly writing about online marketing and web design, I also enjoy writing about my other hobbies such as fitness, cooking, home DIY projects and travel. Green living, money-saving tips and interior design are no strange things to me, and I have already published a lot of articles dealing with these subjects.

$20.00 /hr
0 hours

Megan Fitts

Megan Fitts Agency Contractor


United States - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 2

My eye for detail makes me a talented illustrator, but it also explains my strong English editing skills. Outside of my artwork, I enjoy discussing the comparisons of current fine art and art history as well as the impact of creativity and imagination in the everyday life. I am also available for social media and blog posting as well as creative writing. I an artist and writer currently studying illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute in the Illustration department. I specialize in character design and comic work, and primarily work digitally. I am adept at Photoshop, as well as traditional media making me an excellent choice for your design project. I can advise and create conceptual designs, full editorial illustrations and children's book illustrations. I am currently in the process of writing and creating my own web comic which I intend to publish. I majored in visual Fine Art (AFA) but I also earned a degree in General Studies.

$17.00 /hr
8 hours