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Credit repair services help clients achieve good financial standing by fixing their credit report. Bad credit occurs after a credit history accrues negative items like late payments or bankruptcies. Engage with financial talent on Upwork to take advantage of credit repair services and personal finance guidance, such as navigating FICO scores and the top credit bureaus, Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

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Personal Finance & Wealth Management FAQs

How much is credit repair cost?

On average, a credit repair company can charge between $19 and $149 per month, but independent financial professionals may bill similar amounts per consultation. Keep in mind the best credit repair companies are regulated by the Credit Repair Organizations Act and should have a high BBB ranking.

What is the fastest way to repair your credit?

Pay off outstanding debt, such as loans and credit card balances, on time and above the minimum amount when the bill is due. Dispute any credit report inaccuracies, and negotiate with collections accounts to reduce your debt or establish a practical repayment plan. In addition, you can sign up for a secured credit card to rebuild credit.

Can I repair my credit myself?

It is possible if you take certain steps, especially since negative items remain on your credit report for seven years—or, in the case of bankruptcies, 10 years—but they will leave your credit history after that timeframe. In the meantime, some credit monitoring services may allow you to access a free credit report so you can track your progress toward good credit.

Who is the best at fixing your credit?

The best option depends on your unique financial needs and situation. If you are on a budget, you can try to use free credit report services to independently track your financial activity and avoid late payments. However, if your personal finance knowledge is limited, consider consulting an independent professional offering credit repair services, such as a credit score analysis or assistance with composing dispute letters.