You will get free consultation in communication systems from research to implementation


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You will get free consultation in communication systems from research to implementation


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Buy Other Design services from Khaled, priced and ready to go.

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Free consultation about any field that I have experience in it like Communication systems, AI, Wireless and wired communication concepts, Embedded systems, modeling and simulation and hardware implementation like FPGA. The work can be extended to design any required model or system in the mentioned field, simulation of the modeled system or others using some or all of the modulation tools mentioned in the profile and implementation using embedded systems or FPGA.
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Suzannah S.
Jul 19, 2023
wireless communication expert -PhD level great work
and great freelancer

will hire him again
Khaled G.

About Khaled

Khaled G.
Expert in Wireless, networks, AI and electronics implementations
63% Job Success
5.0  (1 review)
Giza, Egypt - 11:34 pm local time
I'm a telecommunication engineering tutor. I used to research in the field of wireless, wired communications and networks. Also, I'm a profession in design, simulation and implementation of communications systems. As I have high experience in some simulation tools and languages as:
3- Python (with many applications in different fields).

Also, the implementation of some systems using:
1- Microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi,etc).
2- FPGA.

I'm a signal and systems tutor regarding Signals and Classification of the Signals, Properties of Continuous Time Signals and Discrete Time Signals, Classification of the Systems, Convolution Integral, Introduction to Linear Time Invariant (LTI) Systems, Properties and application examples of CT LTI Systems, Properties and application examples of DT LTI systems, FIR Filters, Real Time Programming and Simulation of DT Systems, Signal Processing Domains, Transforms and Laplace Transform of LTI Systems, Frequency Response of the Systems, Fourier Transform and its Applications, Spectral Analysis with Fourier Transform, Modulation, Convolution in frequency domain, Z Transform of DT Systems and convolution, Fourier Analysis of Discrete Time Signals and Systems, Fast Fourier Transform.

In addition, all the topics related to communication systems as analog and digital communications, data communications, wireless communications, information theory, satellite communications, mobile communications and 5G.

For MATLAB simulation projects, there are analog systems communications like analog modulation, AM, FM and PM. Also, many types of digital modulations as QAM, PAM, MPSK and orthogonal QAM. Also, a complete system as OFDM and FBMC have been simulated. Also, new techniques as OFDM index modulation and various types of that are simulated.

Although, I have a good knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence and how to use AI in various topics and simulate the effect using MATLAB and python. I have done some projects using AI in communication engineering and in coding using TensorFlow packages in python and other packages in MATLAB. Different packages may be used to support the work make it more professional and easier. Finally, I'm about to be an international certified instructor in AI and machine learning.

For GNURADIO simulation projects. Basically, the simulation of OFDM real time project using SDR for receiving the physical layer data of the nearest communication tower and it is completely done in the LAB. Moreover, the analog and digital communication systems. And in the last few days the inserting of AI technology using TensorFlow was done. The design of different embedded python blocks is processed in these days.

For more I have a good experience in python, VHDL and VERILOG programming languages which give a flexibility in design and mor than one way for simulation and implementation. Fo more I can use different micro controllers which may support any project in some phases of work.

In the field of research, I have also a good experience in that. Basically, in the wireless communications as OFDM, OFDM IM, FBMC, NOMA, LORA and different multiple access techniques. Also, the research in IOT and V2X was important to me. And all of these is provided with technical writing.
On the other hand, I'm an international certified network engineer and instructor. There is an availability for simulation of networks using different tool like packet tracer and ENSP with a complete documentation and explanation.

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