You will get responsive landing page using HTML5 and CSS3


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Buy Landing Page Programming services from Muhammad, priced and ready to go.

You will get responsive landing page using HTML5 and CSS3


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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Landing Page Programming services from Muhammad, priced and ready to go.

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you will get a responsive Modern landing page Using HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript I am 1 year of experience in web development. I can go beyond building websites and help you identify how to solve your unique challenges, often even helping to find solutions beyond the task at hand.
If you need a hands-off solution, on time, on point, and budget, - give me a ping and you find the right team member
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Craig D.
Nov 10, 2023
Scrape 22k devs from Clutch


Vaneet K.
Dec 17, 2021
Cloud Expert - AWS/Python/Snowflake/Security Good enough.
Very good nature.


Ben W.
Nov 5, 2021
Django- Expert Good freelancer for django and python backend jobs. Everything worked fine, as expected. Fast and on-hands mentality. Pushes the project until its finished. He has profound tech skills. Could do everything as communicated upfront.


Thijs V.
Feb 25, 2021
Product page text must be partial in width Husnain is someone with a strong drive to do a good job. It was a pleasant collaboration in which we came to some difficult points in which Husnain has taken hold. In his communication he was strong and clear, which made this rating and 10!
Muhammad H.

About Muhammad

Muhammad H.
Full Stack Developer | Web Scraping | AWS Specialist
71% Job Success
5.0  (4 reviews)
Rawalpindi, Pakistan - 4:50 am local time
Hello and welcome! I'm a dedicated and experienced full-stack developer specializing in Django/React and web scraping. With a strong foundation in Python programming, I approach every project with a problem-solving mindset.
My primary focus is delivering exceptional front-end and back-end solutions that meet the unique needs of my clients. Here's a breakdown of my primary talents and expertise:
I excel in utilizing modern frameworks like ReactJS and NextJS to create seamless and interactive user interfaces. Leveraging tools like Parcel, webpack, eslint, Typescript, Prettier, Redux, and Restful APIs, I ensure efficient development processes and top-notch code quality. Additionally, I have experience with WordPress, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, SCSS, HTML5, and CSS3, enabling me to craft visually stunning and responsive designs.
My proficiency lies in Python and the powerful Django framework. I specialize in building robust backend architectures, RESTful APIs, and integrating Celery and RabbitMQ for efficient task management. With a strong command of databases including SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL, I ensure seamless data storage and retrieval for optimized application performance.
Cloud Expertise:
As a full-stack developer, I have extensive experience working with cloud platforms, with a particular focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services that enable businesses to scale, deploy, and manage applications with ease.
AWS Services:
I am well-versed in various AWS services, including but not limited to:
EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud): I can provision and manage virtual servers in the cloud, ensuring scalability and flexibility for your applications.
S3 (Simple Storage Service): I leverage S3 to securely store and retrieve data, providing high durability, availability, and scalability for your file storage needs.
RDS (Relational Database Service): I have experience with deploying and managing relational databases, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, using RDS. This ensures efficient data management and high availability.
Lambda: I utilize AWS Lambda to run serverless functions, enabling event-driven architectures and optimizing resource allocation.
API Gateway: I leverage API Gateway to create and manage APIs, allowing seamless integration with your applications and ensuring secure and reliable communication with external services.
CloudFront: I employ CloudFront, AWS's content delivery network (CDN), to deliver content to end-users with low latency and high transfer speeds, enhancing the performance of your applications.
IAM (Identity and Access Management): I implement IAM to manage user permissions and ensure secure access control, protecting your resources and data from unauthorized access.
Route 53: I utilize Route 53, AWS's highly scalable and reliable domain name system (DNS) service, to manage domain names and route traffic to your applications.
By leveraging the power of AWS, I can help you achieve enhanced scalability, reliability, and security for your applications. Whether you need assistance with infrastructure setup, deployment, or optimization, I have the expertise to guide you through the AWS ecosystem. I stay up to date with the latest AWS services and best practices, ensuring that your applications are built using industry-leading cloud technologies. From configuring VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds) and implementing auto-scaling to optimizing cost and performance, I have the skills necessary to maximize the benefits of AWS for your business.
In addition to my core development expertise, I possess a range of supplementary skills that add value to my services. I am proficient in GIT and Github for seamless version control and collaboration. My familiarity with Linux allows me to deploy applications in various environments, while my understanding of DNS, domains, and SEO contributes to optimized website functionality. I also have experience in Figma for UX/UI design and database design, along with a strong grasp of data structures.
If you're looking for a dedicated and skilled professional who can provide a hands-off solution, delivered on time, on point, and on budget, I'm the right team member for you. Don't hesitate to reach out, and let's discuss how I can help bring your project to life!

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