You will get Restaurant food ordering and delivery app with admin panel


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You will get Restaurant food ordering and delivery app with admin panel


What's included $500

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restaurant food ordering and delivery app with admin panel

  • Delivery Time 14 days
  • Number of Revisions 0
  • Number of Mobile Operating Systems 2
    • App Store Upload
    • App Icon Design
    • Splash Screen
    • Ad Network Integration
    • Source Code

14 days delivery — Jun 1, 2024
Revisions may occur after this date.
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Custom Mobile Apps services from Kamran, priced and ready to go.

Project details

Single restaurants, coffee shop, Ice cream shop or pizza shop menu ordering and delivery application The single restaurant application helps in online food ordering and delivering at the customers doorstep. The app is available in Android and is equipped with user-friendly features. The app assists the customers to place an order from the restaurant and get them delivered at their doorstep.

Customer App Features
Browse the menu
Add to cart
Pay by Cash/card
Customers profile
My orders

Rider App Features:
Start/Stop shift
Pending Orders
Realtime Chat
Set Availability
Mobile Web
App Type
Native App
Development Technology
Java, Objective-C
App Purpose
Cross Browser & Device Compatibility, Design, Localization
What's included $500 These options are included with the project scope.
  • Delivery Time 14 days
  • Number of Revisions 0
  • Number of Mobile Operating Systems 2
    • App Store Upload
    • App Icon Design
    • Splash Screen
    • Ad Network Integration
    • Source Code
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Additional Mobile Operating System (+ 10 Days)
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Shivaan S.
May 8, 2022
Hire Professional For Upload Apps on Play Console best


Patrick L.
Jan 4, 2022
Mobile Application Reverse Engineer Required
Kamran O.

About Kamran

Kamran O.
Penetration Tester | Ethical Hacker | Cyber Security Consultant
4.5  (2 reviews)
Peshawar, Pakistan - 9:59 am local time
Highly competent and tech-savvy Penetration tester and cyber security analyst with hands-on experience in business continuity, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, risk management, risk mitigation, compliance, Risk Assessment of digital assets, and Application development. Applied expertise in information security best practices and configuration, including security audit, risk assessment, regulatory requirements, standards and procedures for information data, host and network security practices, information security policy standards, procedures, and other methodologies. Dedicated to excellence, improving IT compliance, streamlining processes, and spearheading the development of technical solutions in highly structured and regulated environments. Noted for impeccable work, a core set of values, business ethics, and personal integrity, doing the right thing at all times, completing projects with diligence, efficiency, and effectiveness.

---------------------------------- AREAS OF EXPERTISE----------------------------------

• VAPT – Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
• Risk Assessment of Digital Assets
• Applications Security
• Network Security
• Malware Analysis
• Kali Linux
• Python Scripting
• RAT Development
• Android App Development

---------------------------------- CAREER CONTRIBUTIONS-----------------------------------

- Facilitated Government in securing their public-facing digital assets by identifying and reporting vulnerabilities in “Citizens Portal Mobile App” and “Covid-Govt. Mobile App”.

Major reported vulnerability: “Insecure Data Storage” | “Unintended Data Leakage” | “Insecure Communication” | “Susceptible to Reverse Engineering” | “Use of Hardcoded Credentials”

- Recognized and appreciated officially by KP Cyber Emergency Response Center for identifying Information Security Issues in web/mobile applications.

- Completed 50+ International projects. I have happy clients from all over the world.


~~ Certified Ethical Hacker.
~~ Fortinet Certified Network Security Expert, NSE1+NSE2.
~~ Certified Associate in Python Programming.


~~ Digital Forensics.
~~ OS Hardening.
~~ End User Security.
~~ Privacy and Data Protection Laws.
~~ Essentials of Cyber Security and Vulnerability Assessment.
~~ Web Application Penetration Testing.
~~ Mobile App Penetration Testing.
~~ Network Penetration Testing.

Familiar with pentesting Network, Wireless, Bluetooth, Mobile Apps, Web Apps on various devices with various screen sizes and versions. Moreover, will provide user experience and full report of the bugs and record the testing and provide you recordings and screenshots with marking of the issues.

Report Submission includes Screenshots (proof of concept) of vulnerability been exploited, CVE, CVSS risk level and mitigation to them.


"OWASP top 10 vulnerability assessment"

☑️ SQL Injection.
☑️ Broken Authentication.
☑️ Insecure Data Storage.
☑️ Sensitive Information Leakage.
☑️ Insufficient Cryptography.
☑️ Cross-Site Scripting attack.
☑️ Broken Access Control.
☑️ Security Misconfiguration.
☑️ Business Logic Flaws.
☑️ Path Traversal Attack.
☑️ Insecure Design.
☑️ Software And Data Integrity Failures.
☑️ Server Side Request Forgery- SSRF.

"OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerability assessment"

✔️ Static analysis
✔️ Dynamic Analysis
✔️ Reverse engineering
✔️ Code review
✔️ Find potential security flaw in application
✔️ SSL pinning check
✔️ Improper Platform Usage
✔️ Insecure Data Storage
✔️ Insecure Communication
✔️ Insecure Authentication
✔️ Insufficient Cryptography
✔️ Insecure Authorization
✔️ Client Code Quality
✔️ Code Tampering
✔️ Extraneous Functionality
✔️ Logging of Sensitive Data
✔️ Leakage of Sensitive Data
✔️ Malware check
✔️ Check list of IP's app is communicating with
✔️ API Tempering
✔️ Sandbox testing
✔️ Root Detection

Work Methodology:

# Information Gathering
# Reconnaissance
# Vulnerability Assessment
# Exploitation
# Maintaining Persistent Access
# Clearing Traces
# Report Submission

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