You will get Web Scraper built with python with API

Maximus B.
Maximus B.
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You will get Web Scraper built with python with API

Maximus B.
Maximus B.

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  • Delivery Time 4 days
  • Number of Revisions 1
  • Number of Pages Mined/Scraped 2
  • Number of Sources Mined/Scraped 2
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4 days delivery — Oct 5, 2023
Revisions may occur after this date.
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Scripting services from Maximus, priced and ready to go.

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Data is the essence of most applications. Having good data can be very hard and combersome to get. We use the top tools, and custom techniques to get data to you as easily as possible. Our goal is to deliver fast, clean, data with tools that are easy to use, deploy or set up to automate!  
Programming Languages JavaScript, Python, ASP.NET
Coding Expertise Performance Optimization, Security, Design
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4 days
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Number of Sources Mined/Scraped
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+$500 - $1,200
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Additional Page Mined/Scraped (+ 1 Day)
Additional Source Mined/Scraped (+ 2 Days)

About Maximus

Maximus B.
R&D Rapid prototyping | Embedded Systems | Cloud Engineer | AI
R&D Rapid prototyping | Embedded Systems | Cloud Engineer | AI
San Diego, United States - 7:39 am local time
Helping clients succeed by building technology which leverages product feedback data, to help formulate the best path forward technologically. Greatly reducing time to market, development miscommunications and speed of prototyping iterations.

Building modules, microservices and software that is lighter, faster, lower cost. My core strength is identifying challenges quickly and developing optimized solutions to fit the need.

I have worked on projects from Land, Sea, and Air support, to crypto, finance, defense and medical. The majority of projects were software and hardware. Leveraging vast skills in cloud technologies and networking, I have been able to bring many applications to life. Developing prototypes from design concept to functioning product really gets me motivated.

In the first steps of taking on a project I like to understand the roots and scaled vision of success. From the vision, I dive into the project fundamentals to determine the best approach to making the project faster, more streamlined, versatile, and cost efficient.

- Using Unity Game engine, I bring business applications to life. Helping to create an environment that users really enjoy using.

- All development is constructed with security at the forefront. Using this approach, I build applications that are compliant from the start.

Automation; Everything that can be automated, should be. No matter how big or small, any task on a computer for the most part can be automated.

- AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, Alibaba are all cloud technologies I have familiarity with and use often. Mostly AWS and GCP.

- Bots and control systems; As an administrator I know how hard it is to keep everything going. Between automation and bot controls, do more in less time with ease!

- Kubernetes, docker; Containerization is the best way to scale an application and provide a solid foundation for building more functionality in the future. Above all else, virtualization takes the pain of deployments and some devops issues.

- Terraform, Chef; Building infrastructure can be a pain. Building automation tools to simplify the process can help the team focus on more important work.

- Python, C#, C++, C, PHP, javascript, Nodejs, ruby, GO-lang, JAVA, Most of the popular web frameworks; I bring the right language for the job, not just what language is most hot or, what I like best.

- Cybersecurity; I have 9 years in security consulting, penetration testing, and tool development. I am very passionate about cyber risk mitigation and threat detection.

- Embedded and Hardware; Arduino, Raspberry PI, PCB boards are very fun to work with and build projects. I have built many little robot kits, to more complex industry 4.0 IOT solutions.

- Mobile Technologies: Snapdragon Processors, Toradex SOM, Android and IOS root/jailbreaking, Satellite discovery and signal research. I am very research heavy in Mobile technologies.

- Mobile Applications: I have worked on a few mobile applications, mostly very data oriented apps. Needing to control latency and state have always been very fun. I have built several mobile applications with Unity.

- Machine Learning; I have constructed several bots to play video games and perform data analysis on very complex datasets.

- Deep learning; Artwork was the first major deep learning project I took on, to create a neural network to make art. Since then I have used it for stock trading, flight, cybersecurity, cancer detection, and in other medical projects.

I really enjoy challenges that most people turn away. To dive to the depths of the nature of the problem is always very rewarding!

I look forward to helping you on your next project!


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Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

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