You will get a great tech-heavy article to funnel in clients and viewers

Luis G.
Luis G. Luis G.
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Buy Technical Writing services from Luis, priced and ready to go.

You will get a great tech-heavy article to funnel in clients and viewers

Luis G.
Luis G. Luis G.
Top Rated

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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Technical Writing services from Luis, priced and ready to go.

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Do you have a technology website? Do you give out advice? Tips? Or DIY on how to do heat maps, train machines, fortify your cybersecurity? Do you sell Security As A Service? Do you sell webinars and courses on Tableau or other Data visualization tools? Do you help people understand what blockchain is? Or how AI and machine learning is optimizing most businesses? Whichever the case, you'll need SEO ready articles on not only your business practices and the minutia of your job and enterprise, but on the topics you'll face.

Your reader has come to your site for a reason; now it's not to disappoint them. To land the hook and get them interested. And, if possible, to have them bookmark your site and follow you on Social Media.

I have various tech-heavy clients - you can check my feed and see their feedback - and are well-versed in that field.

I'm efficient, compliant, and highly professional. Also one of this platform's Top Rated talents.

Below, you can see all the other projects I offer. I have a 5-star rating & have earned over 50K on this platform alone.
Biotechnology, Blockchain, Robotics, Software, Technology
English, Spanish
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Henrik R.
May 7, 2024
edits two articles


Nerizza A.
Nov 29, 2023
Talent Store: Creative Writing - Technical (SCA034)


Deja B.
Nov 17, 2023
You will get a personalized media kit for your business Luis and his team went above and beyond to help our company complete a media kit. We were unsure what direction to go, but Luis showed up with his expertise and made the perfect one! We didn't have to change a thing. Their attention to detail and mastery of their skill are beyond compare. Thank you!


Casandra V.
Oct 29, 2023
You will get one of a kind website content and copy for your site Excellent work! By far the best writer I have hired, also very friendly and easy to work with, strongly recommended!


Yurii M.
Aug 15, 2023
You will get one of a kind website content and copy for your site Good job!
Luis G.

About Luis

Luis G.
Creative Writer - Scripts, Edits, Copy, Games. Chimp With A Ballpoint
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4.9  (154 reviews)
Miami, United States - 8:44 am local time
WHY SUCH A PREMIUM PRICE-TAG? Most other freelancer charge less?

Simple: I get results. Just read some of my reviews or do a Google Search. I funnel in views, clients, and improve your content. With me you’re getting the best and more importantly you’re getting a great ROI.

Speedy Turnarounds.



Life is hard. Life is busy. Life is hectic. And writing isn't for all of us. You've got the big idea, but you're missing the words. You got the story that needs telling, but don't have the time. The product that will make the splash, you just don't know how to spread the word. Let me help you out. Let me sell your idea and bring it to life. Tell your story.

Published Author and Staff Writer for A-list websites.

+15 Years Experience.

Writer, Content Manager, Team Builder, Project Manager, Marketing Wiz.

Clearscope Pro membership.

Proficient in Readability (Hemingway App) as well as Clearscope AI for SEO Optimization.

This is what I offer:

✅ Grant Writer and Consultant.
✅ Spanish To English Translator and Vice Versa.
✅ Link Building.
✅ SEO Expert & SEO Audit.
✅ E-Com Facebook/ Instagram Ads/ Funnels + Digital Marketing.
✅ Content & Project Manager.
✅ Creative Writer.
✅ Script Writer & Script Doctor.

Reach out to discuss any project or assignment. Interested in both short and long term opportunities.


Published novelist with a degree in Cinematography, scriptwriting, and a minor in Marketing with over 10 years of experience in the field. I've published over 6 novels to date and have been the primary and in many cases the troubleshooter on numerous periodicals; wearing many hats aside from Freelance Content Writer, and Senior Copywriter. I’ve set the bar and tone of many projects and my contributions have lead to brand identity of several start-ups; my rules, voice, and style pivotal to identify how content was going to be written and presented from that point forward.

Professional script-doctor, screenwriter, Social Media Manager, SEO certified and proficient in keyword research, full-time journalist, and content editor.

I've worked for over 50 different clients on an international scale and have an in-depth knowledge of the entertainment industry, the economic minefield, and the Political mind game the world seems embroiled in. I'm well-versed in all the trappings and goings - and general mayhem - of a bullpen, digital or in-situ. I've juggled the rigors of deadlines, grumpy clients, and interpersonal dynamics and never once dropped the proverbial ball.

No topic to great, no literary swamp to murky to sludge through. I've tackled everything.

My writing process: Client Meeting/Spitballing session – Research – First Draft - Quality Assurance - Second/Final Draft. All completed projects are subjected to tests for plagiarism, grammar, spelling, and readability

These are some of the praises I've received:

"What a unique voice! Gomez wrote a book that was full of perspective and a joy to read..."

"Awesome writing skills. This freelancer handled a difficult topic with ease. He is a good communicator and responds to suggestions and ideas well - but has heaps of his own as well. "

"I had an emergency and a deadline with a client. In less than 20 minutes, Luis wrote an excellent article. Full of facts, figures, a couple of jokes, and impressive for the short amount of time. "

"A prompt, thorough and an excellent writer. Every piece we commission from Luis is a hit! Will continue working with him so long as he's willing to write."

"What a great writer! Was contracted to do a fun piece on fighting writing distractions and his piece was exceptional. Will work with again!"

Here are some of my bonafide:

I'm a writer for the likes of Liquor, Cracked, Men's Health, Daring Penguin, The AI Foundation, One Living Circle, The Buenos Aires Herald, Ivy League, AI Foundation, SCTours and the National Australian Hockey League, The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, etc.

My books, "Pufferfish Vendetta", "Little Dark Girl" and "Disposable Chum" have been featured on the various bestsellers list.

Aside from a novelist and fiction writer, I’m overall a lifestyle writer and political commentator, not only in magazine form but as a ghostwriter and audiovisual creator. You can find some of my books in that niche under the pen name: Andrew King, Max Longstone, L.J.Gomez and Tracey Queen.

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