You will get a revamped LinkedIn profile to make your personal brand stand out

Inna K.
Inna K.
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Buy LinkedIn Profiles services from Inna, priced and ready to go.

You will get a revamped LinkedIn profile to make your personal brand stand out

Inna K.
Inna K.
Top Rated
1 contract in progress

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Let a pro handle the details

Buy LinkedIn Profiles services from Inna, priced and ready to go.

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• Establish a platform for your strong personal presence, thought leadership, and business network growth.
• Promote your profound industry expertise, personal leadership, and focus on social and business issues that matter.
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Breanne C.
Apr 16, 2024


Jonathan A.
Apr 12, 2024
I had the pleasure of working with Inna to revamp my LinkedIn profile, and I couldn't be more impressed with the results. Inna brought a level of professionalism and expertise to the table that truly exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail was impeccable, ensuring that every aspect of my profile was optimized to showcase my skills and experiences in the best possible light. From crafting a compelling summary to selecting the perfect banner, Inna demonstrated a deep understanding of what it takes to stand out in today's competitive job market.


Mohammad A.
Apr 11, 2024
Inna is exceptional! Her expertise brought new life to my profile, enhancing its professionalism and visibility. She is more than helpful for anyone seeking to strengthen their online presence.


Randy L.
Mar 13, 2024
Inna did an amazing job revising and updating my LinkedIn profile. She provided guidance and asked the right questions in order to gain a clear understanding about the message I wanted to get across to my audience.


Alexis D.
Feb 9, 2024
Thank you, Inna ! You have done an amazing work around my profile! It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope it's just a start :)
Inna K.

About Inna

Inna K.
CEO & Executive Branding | Personal Branding | LinkedIn Branding
100% Job Success
5.0  (65 reviews)
1 contract in progress
Lisbon, Portugal - 4:27 am local time
Building personal brands for executives and entrepreneurs is not just a luxury or a nice-to-have; it is essential for businesses seeking to gain trust and visibility in the digital age.

Given that over 48% of a business's market value is attributable to the reputation of its leaders, a flawless public image is vital.

As the Founder & CEO of a Personal Branding Consultancy, I advise C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs on the full range of personal brand transformation. This includes building personal thought leadership, reputation management, and image making on a global scale.

Over my 20-year career in marketing and PR, I have reshaped the personal brands of dozens of executives worldwide. Among them are leaders of corporate giants, startup game-changers from Big Tech, Big Four, and Big Pharma, as well as scientists and high-profile government authorities.

I have had the privilege of working with leaders from companies such as Microsoft, Google, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, and PSA Peugeot Citroën, among many others.

If you want to:

• Build your own expert niche and become an industry opinion leader
• Build your personal digital media presence and create impact
• Grow your professional network and generate leads for your business
• Transition to a new highly paid role within your current company or find another professional opportunity

I’m here to support you throughout your journey.

Driven by bold ideas and with innovation at the forefront, my team stands for world-class marketing with a structured approach and high-end personalization.

We have partners, not clients. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with trusted and ambitious leaders who think strategically and with vision – innovators looking to make a real difference in our globalized world.

With best-in-class content writers, social media specialists, PR strategists, video production and web development teams, we ensure concrete results that guarantee maximum visibility for our partners.

Our Key Expertise:

• CEO & Executive Branding

We specialize in building bespoke personal brands and digital presence for C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs, growing their industry recognition, reputation, and credibility while simultaneously enhancing their company's equity value.

• Social Media Branding

We effectively create, advocate for, and promote personal executive brands on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, X (ex-Twitter), Instagram, Threads, Facebook, and YouTube.

• Reputation Management & PR

We define and develop the optimal methods and channels to shape, monitor, and enhance the digital footprint and reputation of business leaders.

Our Key Offerings:

• Executive | CEO | Personal Branding Strategy

We conduct profound research and develop personal branding strategies for CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to build their thought leadership as well as showcase their industry and market expertise both online and offline.

• Linkedin Profile | Resume (CV) | Cover Letter | Executive Biography

We develop branded professional documents of exceptional quality such as resumes (CVs), cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios.

• Social Media Management

We effectively manage the social media presence of executives on LinkedIn, X (ex-Twitter), Instagram, Threads, Facebook, and YouTube.

• Content Marketing

We develop complete content marketing strategies that cover everything from visual guidelines and topic planning to blogging, podcasting, video production, and interactive content.

• Brand Identity Collateral

We design brandbooks, style guides; write media kits and press-materials.

• Personal Website

We develop custom websites and optimize them on Google.

• Public Speaking & Executive Speechwriting

We write expert speeches, keynotes, TED talks, and assist in preparation for public speaking events to ensure a flawless outcome.

Reach out to me and let's talk about your project.


Steps for completing your project

After purchasing the project, send requirements so Inna can start the project.

Delivery time starts when Inna receives requirements from you.

Inna works on your project following the steps below.

Revisions may occur after the delivery date.


Conduct a 60-minute interview with you to gather your professional insights, enabling the creation of a persuasive bio and experience description. This process will also involve defining your strategic objectives and personal branding goals.

Research | Search Optimization | Trendwatching

Conduct research to identify key industry benchmarks, keywords, and trends to position and differentiate your LinkedIn profile, ensuring it stands out among the profiles of similar professionals.

Review the work, release payment, and leave feedback to Inna.