Social Media Ad Setup & Management

Business Facebook ads managers use the Meta social media platform to assist business owners in promoting brand awareness and achieving lead generation. Since the social media website reportedly has more than two billion active monthly users, Facebook advertising can effectively reach custom audiences based on specific demographics. Contract an independent professional Facebook ads manager on Upwork to boost conversions and revamp your Facebook marketing strategy.

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Social Media Ad Setup & Management FAQs

How much do businesses pay for Facebook ads?

Facebook advertising expenses depend largely on a company’s industry, campaign objective, ad set, and other factors. However, on average, Facebook ads can cost between $0.50 and $2.00 per click.

Can a business advertise on Facebook?

A Facebook business page lets companies create Facebook ad campaigns and build brand awareness through advertising products and services on a user’s news feed. Using simple tools and performance optimization reports, a business manager account can easily track metrics like conversions and if the Facebook ads are reaching a target audience.

Are Facebook business ads free?

While publishing posts on a Facebook business page is free, Facebook ads are a paid service that targets custom audiences through placements on social media, which includes Messenger and Instagram.

How do Facebook business ads work?

Facebook ads campaigns reach a target audience, whose demographics are determined by business owners, to result in lead generation and conversions. Using ad set optimizations, a Facebook ads manager can determine a campaign’s budget, scheduling, and placements.