Custom Website Programming

When a potential customer is looking for home builders to design their custom home, make sure your company is at the top of their list. A great website is the first step in making sure your construction business makes a strong first impression. It’s simple to construct a website when you have the right web design company to work for you. To find the web design services you need, look no further than Upwork.

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Custom Website Programming FAQs

How do I build a contractor website?

If you don’t have much website experience, you could build your own website using templates available from the internet through sites such as WordPress. While this can help you create a website, it might not be the right website to attract potential customers.

For a high-quality website, contact a web design company that has experience working with vendors in the construction industry. The right web design company can design a great website for you and your contracting business.

Why do contractors need a website?

You need a great website to help you market your construction company. Your website will reach prospective customers who are searching for your services.

What goes on a contractor's website?

To attract the attention of potential clients and keep website visitors engaged, the user experience and functionality are most important. Because a lot of people search websites from their phones, your website should be easy to view on mobile devices.

Additionally, clients will want to be easily able to read testimonials from previous clients, look at previous projects, and know exactly what your construction company can provide. It’s important that you list if you are a full-service construction company or if you specialize in services like roofing and HVAC.

Most importantly, you’ll want your website to list your phone number and a contact form so potential clients can easily get in touch with you.

What is the role of a contractor in a design-build contract?

To make sure your website is attracting the attention your construction company needs to succeed, you should consider hiring a contractor who can also support your online marketing and social media needs as well. It’s important they make sure your website can improve your search engine optimization to help generate new leads to your website. In your contract, you also want them to identify their level of responsiveness to help you keep your website up-to-date.
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