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Packaging Design FAQ

How much does a packaging designer cost?

If you need eye-catching design ideas from a talented packaging designer, you can expect to pay at least $50 an hour. For more-junior designers who are new to graphic design, you can expect prices to be lower. Using a site such as Upwork, you can review the designer’s past work and see what their rates are before you make a decision.

How do I find a package designer?

To find a package designer, all you need to do is search Upwork or social media for graphic designers who are skilled in custom packaging design. Once you find someone whose design work you like, reach out to them to collaborate on your personal project.

What are the four key functions of packaging?

When considering high-quality custom packaging, you’ll need to consider several design elements. The four key functions of packaging that must be considered are containment, convenience, protection, and communication. Perfect packaging matters, especially for retail packaging. For instance, if an item you are selling is a limited edition, you’ll want the packaging to reflect that.

The product packaging design you choose for a new snack may not be a great packaging solution for skincare items. So it’s important to design wisely.

How do I get packaging for my product?

To get packaging for your product, you can contact a designer via Upwork and ask for a design consultation. A freelance graphic designer with a strong skill set in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and package design could be the perfect partner for your next ecommerce or retail packaging project.*

*Upwork is not affiliated with and does not sponsor or endorse any of the tools or services discussed in this section. These tools and services are provided only as potential options, and each reader and company should take the time needed to adequately analyze and determine the tools or services that would best fit their specific needs and situation.

What are three types of packaging?

There are three types of packaging: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Each type of packaging is important because it protects, contains, and/or communicates what is inside a package. Some would say that the primary packaging design is most important in the packaging design process because this is where images and label design help sell a product and create a brand identity.

Primary packaging is very important, but the other two types of packaging shouldn’t be neglected, because they keep the product safe.