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Short Video Ads FAQ

What are short video ads?

Short video ads are videos that usually run for 10-30 seconds. These are played for customers in new audiences, to announce new products to previous customers, and to otherwise drive customers to learn about—or buy from—the brand. The most engaging video advertising tends to have a storyline, to entertain viewers, to tell the story of a brand, or to directly address a problem that consumers are facing in their life.

By accomplishing one or more of these goals, short video ads are able to establish a positive and symbiotic correlation between the consumer’s mind and the business that put the ad out.

How long should a short video ad be?

Short video ads tend to last between ten to thirty seconds, though some last up to 1-2 minutes within the short video ads category. Longer videos can be effective on some social media platforms, but they’re no longer short video ads. There are several key components that make short ads better including:

  • Short viewer attention span
  • Highly impactful content
  • Direct and concise marketing

Why are short videos more effective?

Short video ads are generally more effective because they tap into customers’ attention without setting off the warning bells that a longer video would. Higher time requirements make choosing to watch until the end more difficult. Beyond limiting the possibility of overwhelming viewers with more choices, short video ads are less intrusive—they don’t pop up in viewers’ faces and draw their attention away from what they were doing as frequently.

How do I make a good short video ad?

In order to make a short video ad that really works, you need to provide four key elements:

  • Tell the audience why they should care, from the beginning
  • Tell a story that captivates and holds their attention until the end
  • Solve one problem that your prospective users have
  • Ensure that viewers are open to receiving your content, both in the format you want to use and in the place you want to showcase it

Great video ads incorporate these elements among others, but the things that make great ads often come from within the brands that develop them. This line is where brands really tell their stories or offer value to their users.

Hundreds of short video ad creatives provide their services through Upwork. If you’d like to learn more about hiring a freelance short video ad creator, read this page.