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English (British) Audiobook Production FAQs

What is an audiobook?

An audiobook is a recording of the content of a book or other written work where the words are read out loud and recorded so that people can listen to them later. Audiobooks can be created for novels, biographies, textbooks, instruction manuals, and more.

Those who listen to audiobooks can enjoy them in a variety of formats, including MP3 audio, CDs, streaming, and cassette tapes. People can listen to them while driving, working out, doing chores, and performing other activities.

How can I make an audiobook?

An audiobook can be made relatively easily. Four components are necessary for creating an audiobook: a book, a recording device, software to convert the recording into a portable audio file that others can listen to, and voice-over talent.

The best audiobook recordings are made inside a studio with high-quality recording devices and software, such as a cardioid microphone and Audacity recording software. Noise-reduction components within the studio are also important.

In addition to the right equipment and software, capable voice talent is necessary for quality audiobook production. The optimal audio talent can deliver the tone and pacing required by the manuscript. Good voice talent can make or break an audiobook. For example, voice talent with a light and airy delivery is appropriate for children’s books, while a strong, gruff voice might be best utilized for action novels or spy thrillers. Sexy and sultry voice talent is usually called for when producing an audiobook of a romance novel.

What’s involved in audiobook production?

Hiring a sound engineer to ensure recordings are properly captured and edited is necessary to produce high-quality audiobooks. The sound engineer will ensure that all background noises are removed as well as make certain that the volume remains even throughout.

Once the audio is recorded and edited, the digital file is converted into a format that allows for sharing and playing on standard playing devices. Digital files such as MP3 or WAV are typically used for commercially distributed audiobook products.

How do I promote my audiobook?

Properly promoting your audiobook requires understanding how your audience prefers to listen to audiobook files and where they go to access those files. Among the most popular platforms for sharing or selling audiobooks are Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play Books.

Once you’ve secured your platform, you can promote your audiobook by creating a landing page that links to the audiobook file directly or to the platform where your audiobook is available. Promoting your landing page via social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube advertising, is an excellent way of promoting your audiobook. You can even engage in giveaways or partner marketing to promote your audiobook. Partnering with a complementary author or organization can provide opportunities in which a certain number of audiobook copies are given away to increase awareness of your book.