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Nigeria Music Promotion FAQs

What are music promotion services?

A music promoter offers services designed to publicize and promote recordings and performances of a musician or a music group. They organize and manage concerts and bookings, market the events to a target audience in order to generate revenue, and secure positive coverage in the media. These services entail a host of marketing and communications activities specifically tailored to the music industry.

What are the best sites to promote music?

The Internet has made promotion of various products and services much easier. As a result, music can be promoted across many platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Reddit, Twitter, and SoundClick.

How do musicians get more followers or grow an audience?

Musicians can gain more followers by leveraging the power of music promotion sites as well as social media. Music profiles created on platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube can also be promoted across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By promoting on these sites, musicians can cultivate more followers, which can then lead to more music sales.

How do you promote unreleased music?

New music that has not yet been released by an artist can be promoted a number of ways. Creating a short video allows an audience to sample the song along with a visual story. Distributing a press release to key industry contacts is another way to promote unreleased music. Participating in interviews with media and influencers can also generate buzz for unreleased music.