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Wedding Website Builders & CMS FAQs

What are website builders?

Website builders are custom software instances that allow domain owners to set up a web page themselves or hire out its development at a reduced rate, as opposed to having a fully custom site coded. By using a graphical user interface (GUI), domain owners tend to opt for custom solutions like this around 60% of the time.

What are the pros and cons of using a website builder?

Website builders bring a lot of benefits, but sometimes the modules, or plug-ins, that custom site developers use can break things when a site updates. Since both the plug-ins and the site source must be updated occasionally, there’s a risk of failure on both sides of the equation. That said, even traditional, coded-from-scratch sites can fail or experience issues.

What is the best website builder for beginners?

Among CMS software, the most common choices for beginners are Wix and WordPress. These two options alone account for more than 41% of the one million most-visited websites worldwide.

Shopify and Joomla are also incredibly common, with each accounting for more than a million websites. These platforms all offer simple user interfaces that beginners can use readily, especially with all of the information and tutorials available on YouTube and other sources.

Should you hire a professional to help you use a website builder?

Depending on the level of complexity you want in a website, hiring a pro website builder can either cost or save you time and money. You can keep costs low by performing simple tasks such as installing WordPress yourself, while more complex tasks such as choosing a theme, setting up domain backups, and installing plug-ins are sometimes best left to the pros.

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