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File Conversion FAQ

What is the best free file converter?

There are multiple freeware solutions currently available for file conversion. The type of file converter you may want to use will depend on your file.

Audio files can use converters such as Zamzar, MediaHuman Audio Converter, and FileZigZag.

Likewise, those looking to convert video files might like Any Video Converter Free, Freemake Video Converter, or Free HD Video Converter Factory.

How do I convert a file?

If a file needs to be converted, the user needs some software that can handle the conversion. They begin by uploading the input file, or the existing file, and select the output format. Depending on the software, the user may need to change a few more settings to get an ideal outcome. Once the process is initiated, the software will convert the documents and deliver the converted file. The converted file will then be available to download.

Those in need of file conversion who aren’t as tech savvy can hire a freelance file converter to do the process for them. The user will need to upload their file to Dropbox or Google Drive depending on the file in question.

What do you mean by “file converter”?

A file converter changes a document from one file type to another. It’s useful for converting documents in situations when a certain file type might not be supported or when the file is too large.

A number of file conversions can take place. For example, a common one is Microsoft Word document to PDF file. Another example could be an artist who needs to change their .tiff or .svg files into .jpg or .png files for display on a website using an image converter.

How much does it cost to format an ebook?

Your business and marketing plan for your book determines the services you need. If you plan on having your book sold in print and digital versions it could cost anywhere from $200 to $2,500 depending on the labor involved.

What is ebook formatting?

Ebook formatting is the process of taking your word document or .txt file and images and formatting them into an attractive layout that readers can enjoy.

How do you format an ebook for publishing?

There are currently five file formats that can be used for ebook publishing. Which file type you use will depend on your goals and the file that needs to be converted.