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Singers & Vocalists FAQ

What is the difference between a vocalist and a singer?

Singers generally provide lyrical support or creation for videos, films, TV shows, and bands. Sometimes, singers are focal points of bands or performing groups. These vocal specialists are generally best at projecting their voice and maintaining the quality of their vocals while doing so. Vocalists, on the other hand, tend to do more with voice manipulation.

Vocalists may also be singers, perform in audio-driven advertisements and jingles, and even offer support to other vocalists and singers. Singers, however, aren’t generally considered vocalists, but a sub-group of vocalists.

What qualities should great singers and vocalists have?

Great singers and vocalists have many of the same characteristics. They’re often able to modulate their voice well, they tend to enunciate and project their voices well, and they generally have good rhythm. Great vocalists must be able to widely manipulate their voice or manipulate it in ways that make them unique.

Great singers tend to combine vocal projection and voice modulation to create a wide range of audio tones and frequencies. By providing a wide range of vocal tools, singers are able to create beautiful music through their voices.

What is the average cost of hiring a singer?

Singers tend to be quite expensive, with some moderate singers billing $150 to $300 per hour, while celebrity singers often charge substantially more. Singers tend to charge so much money because they must often travel, commonly stay overnight, and frequently have short-lived engagements. All of these costs factor into their high hourly rate.

How can I find a singer or vocalist?

Finding a vocalist or singer can be as simple as Google searching the genre of singer or vocalist you need with terms such as:

  • Hire a <genre> vocalist online
  • <Genre> singer for hire near me
  • Where to hire a <genre> singer or backup vocalist near me

These search terms tend to return services that aggregate vocal talent and book gigs for them, sometimes resulting in large fees to either the vocal specialist or the hiring party.

Many singers and vocalists have decided to offer their services on Upwork. If you’d like to learn more about hiring a freelance singer or vocalist, visit this page for additional info.