Why Businesses Use Independent Talent To Customize Their CRM

Why Businesses Use Independent Talent To Customize Their CRM

Although your off-the-shelf CRM works pretty well, you can probably think of ways it could be better, right? Maybe you’d like it connected with more tools, so you don’t have to keep switching between programs. Or you’d like to eliminate extra workflow steps that make you wonder, why do I have to do this? Or you’d like to provide business partners with reports they can really get excited about.

There is a cost-effective way to customize your off-the-shelf CRM to do more of what you need and remove the extra steps you don’t: You can engage independent professionals, such as data analysts, developers, and salesforce experts, for help.

Because these experienced professionals are available on demand, they can make changes to your CRM according to your priorities, schedule, and budget.

Finding these independent professionals is easier than you may think. Upwork’s large marketplace is filled with highly-skilled people who specialize in your specific software.

And we designed the platform to help you connect with the right talent so efficiently, businesses usually find who they’re looking for within three days. To get started, you just:

  1. Post a job describing what you want done.
  2. Review proposals from interested talent.
  3. Offer the project to the ideal person.

Then the skilled professional can get right to work:

  • Saving you time by streamlining and automating workflows to match how teams really work.
  • Making it easier to use by organizing information and segmenting customers the way you run the business.
  • Providing easy-to-understand reports showing the data your partners need.
  • Personalizing customer automation by channel to improve engagement and reduce churn.
  • Training employees how to optimize the CRM’s features.
  • Integrating other software in your tech stack to create more efficient business processes.

See how easy it is to get started now.

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