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Other Elearning Video Production FAQs

How do you make an e-learning video?

An e-learning video should be a downloadable part of your online course creation. Such videos are a vital part of a successful online course. They contain small amounts of information that the audience can easily understand and enhance the learning experience to emphasize critical points of course materials without overwhelming the student.

How do I create an online training video?

Online course creators often use special software to create training videos within their online course platforms. The videos add value to their course content and break up the text with audio and visual intrigue. Combining training videos with course builder software programs creates a great learning platform for the online learning experience. Software programs that can create both videos and a learning management system include:
  • Thinkific
  • Kajabi
  • Udemy
  • Podia
  • LearnWorlds

What is a video production course?

A video production course is a teachable program that will provide a student with know-how on various video production functions. These courses can be taught via webinars and tutorials on the web or in person in a classroom. The subject matter can include everything from scriptwriting to filming as well as how to use marketing tools such as social media, email, and podcasts to promote videos.

These courses can also teach students how to make their own courses to create an online business using video content. These online businesses are a great way for people to start up a membership site for their content. They can set up pricing and payment plans for their services and make passive income if they are successful.

How long should an e-learning video be?

When content creators begin building out the best online course, they should aim to create videos that are less than six minutes long. When educators create video content that is more than six minutes, they are more likely to lose the audience's attention, so try to keep the video course topic quick and to the point.