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Watercolor Pattern Design FAQs

What is pattern design in textiles?

Textile pattern design is artwork created by a textile designer using a variety of graphic design techniques. Artists can create textile designs using a template or through in-person or online tutorials. Once complete, the pattern designs can become lovely textile prints for home decor, gift wrap, and more.

What are the types of textile design?

The textile industry includes many types of design. Creators can construct geometric patterns and other textile prints through quilting, watercolors, and other mediums.

Once patterns are created as a template for screen printing, the print design can easily be repeated. Textile designs can be used to enhance interior design, either through fine art or upholstery.

Where can I buy digital fabric patterns?

You don’t need to go to New York or LA to get the pattern design you crave. Fashion designers, illustrators, or textile designers on Upwork who have strong graphic design skills will have no trouble creating anything from a pattern inspired by centuries-old folk art to a print influenced by the latest design trends. Once the template is created, the designer can easily prepare the pattern for digital printing. You can also find patterns on several reputable websites and services.

What is textile design in art?

Textile design in art makes it easy to replicate a specific design that’s been created through watercolor, quilting, or graphic design and turn it into a format that can easily be screen printed for wallpaper or gift wrap. Textile design allows artists to create repeating patterns such as paisleys, geometrics, and florals.

What is the best software for textile design?

A textile design is only as good as the designer behind it. Textile pattern designers rely on software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Inkscape, Gimp, Design Dobby, and PlaidMaker. When you contract a textile designer on Upwork, you can expect a professional will be familiar with such software depending on your needs.