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Illustrative Podcast Cover Art FAQs

What is podcast cover art?

Podcast cover art is an image that is used as the primary visual to represent the podcast when it is uploaded to the internet. It’s also common for creators to use podcast cover art to draw attention to specific social issues, direct focus onto a certain charity, or otherwise steer their audience toward a particular subject.

What size should podcast cover art be?

Podcast cover art should follow size guidelines for each outlet that it will be posted on. Most outlets have a published size requirement or recommendation, as well as a maximum file size. We recommend searching for these requirements on a per-outlet basis alongside adding a year to the search term, in order to make sure the source is up-to-date.

Preferred podcast resources include:

  • App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Spotify
  • Tidal

An artist could search each of the above outlets with the following search template:

“<Outlet Name> cover image size <Month and Year>”

“YouTube cover image size 2021” is an example of that template in use.

What makes a good podcast cover?

Podcast covers should clearly communicate the vibe of the podcast. That generally includes using color psychology. Solid podcast cover art should also include visually captivating elements, such as striking contrast and imagery that causes intrigue, such as abstract art, suggestive art, or optical illusions.

Among the most important elements a great podcast cover should display are easy-to-read fonts and clear verbiage. If viewers cannot tell what a cover says, they’re practically guaranteed to skip it and move on to the next one. There are some exceptions to this rule, but the exceptions have other visually striking elements that compensate for this.

How do I get cover art for my podcast?

Freelancers on Upwork provide podcast cover art for entrepreneurs and producers around the world. To receive a quote to commission podcast cover art, visit our graphics designer freelance page here.