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White Background Product Photography FAQs

What is product photography?

Businesses use product photography to showcase the specific functions, aesthetics, and other features of a product they are offering. Some types of photography allow customers to visualize how the products would fit into their life.

Common product photography examples include multi-position fashion photo shoots, where models pose in a variety of positions, locations, and lighting scenarios, and in-situ photography, where furniture, appliances, and other products are shown in use or in situations that mimic how they would be used in real life.

What makes good product photography?

Good product photography should do a lot of things, such as present a clear representation of the product while framing it in a flattering way and provide context as to how or why the product would improve a customer’s life. Just as important, the product photography must be relatable to the target buyers.

How much should I pay for product photography?

When seeking great product photography, you should expect to pay several hundred, if not several thousand, dollars for a photo shoot. Some say that $500 is the lowest realistic point for photo shoots in this vein, while others recommend spending $2,000-$3,000 for the shoot. Artists often bill per photo, often with a minimum number of photos built-in.

A pro will use a wide array of lenses, lighting effects, and expertise to ensure your product photos really pop, spotlight the pertinent features, and convey the correct messages.

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