Blues Album Cover Design

An album's cover art is more than pretty pictures. It can bring your music to life.

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Blues Album Cover Design FAQs

How do I get album artwork?

Recording an album is an incredible feat of creativity and hard work, and for many musicians, designing album cover art is a looming challenge at the end of an already long road. Getting album artwork that represents your music is all about finding the right artist, and often it’s about finding someone in the right genre.

Whether you’re a hip-hop artist or you’re the lead guitarist in a rock band, you’re likely to find someone who has the right look and feel for your style of music. Be sure to check out different artists’ portfolios so you can get a sense of their style to make sure it fits your genre and your brand.

What is the most famous album cover?

Some of the most famous album covers of all time are instantly recognizable for most music fans. A few standout examples are Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers.

Getting your music album cover art right is a major step in the production process, and emulating timeless cover art will help you promote your album as you launch on Soundcloud or other streaming platforms.

What makes a good album cover?

A good album cover should be appealing not only from a graphic design standpoint, but should also be relatable for your fans. Consider using a cover image or cover artwork that helps tell a story, or that is somehow representative of the type of music you create. For example, if you’re about to release your debut album, consider using bold and recognizable artwork to stand out among the competition.

Andy Warhol’s cover art for The Velvet Underground is one such example of an instantly recognizable album cover: The banana is incredibly simplistic, yet bold and memorable.

What is the cover of an album called?

The cover of an album is typically referred to as the album cover. Cover art for CD covers and vinyl records are usually treasured by music fans.

How much does album artwork cost?

Album artwork can vary widely in cost, and is usually determined by the artist’s experience and history. For example, you can get custom cover artwork for between $25 and $100. The important thing is to match an artist’s style with your own to create the right cover for your studio album. If you’re happy with the design, it can be used to make stickers, t-shirts, and eventually, record covers for your EP.